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these are the oddest, most specific desires my borderline entirely directive-less person still want to achieve.

  • assemble a hefty collection of "those signature, perfect"-ly hilarious photos of specific individuals I/my friend group as a whole have chosen to mark in our sarcastic, heavily mocking (and very important) history; then go on a lifetime adventure of creating an album of re-creations of all of these selectively hilarious and historic photos with myself in a very blatantly-mocking exact same form as the individuals in the pictures, tagging them as my wonderful self once complete
  • become a person who must travel from time to time (I guess for a potential profession of my future that requires this?) on a luxury, high-speed private jet to get from place expediently when necessary; however at one point during this time in my life discreetly switching roles of sorts, and serving as a professional pilot for another high-class person's private jet, wearing a very foundational but compliment-worthy uniform and being the subservient, courteous and well-respected "staff" for another individual. two more parameters in this: I would prefer if this person for some reason had no idea that I had any other significant, higher-ranking form of income/a profession and just thought that I was simply a very excellent and classy lady pilot; and that I must renew/upgrade my pilot's license and knowledge to the standards necessary to safely and successfully fly a private high-speed jet
  • learn how to weave peculiarly elaborate string bracelet creations in profuse amounts but not tell anybody why I'm investing so much time in such a strange (potentially misperceived as tacky) hobby for a while (once again I have no idea why I find in necessary to be discreet in the most selectively odd ways in so many of my significant desires of sorts...). once I decide it's the time, start casually knotting this bounty of intricately designed string loops around what I perceive as "significant" cylindrical tubes. and oddly enough, I've even thought up qualifications for my selection of specific cylindrically-shaped things. they are either what I think "in need" of some form of enhancement (because I'm under the impression that cylindrical tubes have somehow become one of the best, most useful phenomena man has honed within the world, and therefore they should all maybe be honored (at least by whackjobs such as myself) - if they lack in any actual value of note, they are still deserving of something, uh, "great"...), they deserve a sort of "yes! look at you go awesome cylindrical tube!" award/merit, or simply just because said select cylindrical tube has for whatever reason pleased me or caught my interest. (this is a very, very, very strange goal - I am extremely aware!) - and uh, oh...
  • take an epic snowboarding trip (obviously get my snowboarding skills up to par for this event beforehand...) to some form of desolate, snowy mountainous region where I have to traverse from place to place using methods of transportation very specific to epic cold regions such as dogsleds, snowshoes and ice skates, and a hardy, trustworthy snowmobile, usually with my snowboard on my back to always be ready for a perfect, random opportunity to experience the fantastic feeling of weightlessness in untouched powder with the only sounds being me against an empty winter echo for a suitably long, solitary run. during this adventure I want to stay in an extremely primal living space with things only necessary to facilitate basic, frigid-weathered needs, a robust ongoing fire that makes this entire experience smell like burning wood, some good kin, and a trusty but quite lavish jacket with a ridiculously over-the-top-large hood of way too many slaughtered raccoon tails that I actually use and look good in
  • somehow getting into a completely random but highly (and somehow mutually anticipated?) encounter with Kyle Mulligan, in which he finally tells me something along the lines of "Fuck everything I've been doing (implying his radical and completely misinformed involvement with Christianity), I was wrong!" and then us immediately leaping unto one another for explosive, (somehow) long awaited and vindictive sex (.........)
  • get a tattoo (because these are temporary, huzzah!) on the inside of my bottom lip that simply says "Death is inevitable." in a very fine, neatly written Times New Roman font. This would be the best of things to tactfully break out when needed - which is always, judging by the amount of times this is referenced on a daily basis in my life as it is. Plus, I think the idea of tattoos, for the most part, are absolutely retarded and I would never have any desire to get one (this goes along with my seeing through everything complex that requires much explanation for me to not sound like just a pessimistic, overly-critical, self-loathing bitter bitch/whackjob - which I could assure you is not the case) because everything is futile except death, therefore the idea of loving the fact that you willingly put an image that means absolutely nothing, in essence, on your body that will last longer than your actual self is legitimately just branding yourself with a giant badge for eternity displaying to the world with misinformed pride that every single concept you base your existence on is false. And you aren't even aware. That sucks a lot, to die and live a life that means nothing, but be wrong even in doing that. However death being inevitable is the only legitimate truth whose truth quality isn't based on complete falsities, so for the one tattoo I'd ever have, at least it would be the most right!
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