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  • establish more of a routine, in general
  • only eat until full
  • drink more water
  • drink less coffee
  • get work done before the day it is due
  • keep in sincere contact with people that "matter"
  • have a more outgoing disposition
  • read more
  • find interesting topics to focus on outside of schoolwork
  • take up an instrument more seriously again
  • stop picking at skin
  • stop biting nails
  • find a passion, or just keep an open mind until one finds me
  • appreciate simplicity
  • write things down more often
  • use time more efficiently
  • keep somewhat of an "aura of mystery"
  • cut back on digital dependence
  • ask more questions
  • establish a defined seasonal wardrobe
  • listen to albums in their entirety before choosing to listen to specific songs
    • focus more on musically retrogressing: listen to artists that somewhat passed the test of time, because I'm sick of loving new stuff and getting completely over it within a month or so because the artists are like fads, to a point.
  • "gettuce" only after all other tasks are completed for the day
jan 17 2010 ∞
jul 15 2010 +
user picture Loren: I am very much in agreement with the "aura of mystery," as well as cutting back on digital dependence. Having been computer-less for the past few weeks it's almost frightening to return to the world of the internet. jan 20 2010