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Yes, I am one of those very annoying people that names a lot of inanimate objects. I don't even like half these names as much as they were just beyond fitting for whatever reasons.

  • Benji - really old Gateway desktop PC
  • Bruce - 2009 white Ford Mustang with black stripes on the sides
  • Gunther - 120 GB iPod Classic
  • Heidi - mom's icy blue iPod nano (2nd generation)
  • Juan Pablo (JP for short) - Arbor Stance 149 snowboard with white and grey houndstooth Burton Escapade bindings
  • Kahlo - second bowl, blue glass with green and brown spots
  • Marty - first 15" MacBook Pro (broken)
  • Pilgrim - second 15" MacBook Pro
  • Pythagoras - LG mint chocolate cellphone
  • Rhonda - first Sony touchscreen digital camera (broken)
  • Rita - second Sony touchscreen digital camera (broken)
  • Selena Gomez - bong, completely multicolored but mostly yellow with a gold translucent finish
  • Telemann - first bowl, green, orange and blue swirly designs with color changing glass that turned purple
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