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I really do not condone nicknames for myself. they do not work for me. Kristen is the only name that will ever be correct for myself, for whatever reasons (well, other than certain third-person references that were actually deemed perfect by me, such as "ya bitch"). however many people have apparently never realized this about me and have therefore referenced me as otherwise. the monickers that have adhered to my person during my life thus far... (note: I'm including the ones that I'm actually in support of as well, that have been cultivated as references between members of the Cunt Castle as of late)

  • "bitch"
  • "Chrysanthemum"
  • "comrade"
  • "cunt"
  • "dear"
  • "Drewes"
  • "friend"
  • "Holly"
  • "K-Dawg"
  • "K. Drewz"
  • "K10"
  • "Kay"
  • "Kerd"
  • "Kirsten"
  • "KRD"
  • "Kreestan"
  • "KRHD" (pronounced: "cahared"
  • "Kris"
  • "Krissy"
  • "Kristen Rose"
  • "Kristen"
  • "lady"
  • "Sten"
  • "X10"
  • "ya bitch"
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