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Seeing that there is always somewhat of a risk of perishing (especially in more recent times, at least for myself), it's probably a good idea to list some of my physical attributes just incase my body ever needs to be identified. Kudos to Bliss for this idea.

  • hair is two colors
    • naturally brown on top
    • bleach blonde underside
  • hair naturally parts on the right side
  • left eye (the gimp eye!) is significantly smaller than the right
  • no freckles
  • big pores in nose
  • nose ring on right side
  • very small gap in between front teeth
  • bottom left fang-ish shaped tooth is chipped off at the top
  • ear lobes stretched to 8 gauge
  • small scar on the upper part of my right ear (where I used to have my cartilage pierced)
  • I'm told I have a really slight "butt chin"
  • really short bitten down nails (always)
  • many small light brown dots on my left upper arm (remains of a really big birthmark I had lazered off)
  • long narrow scar on my left wrist (it looks like I tried to cut myself but it's really just from playing mini golf once)
  • tiny scar above my bellybutton (where my bellybutton ring once was)
  • my left ankle is significantly larger than my right
  • the second toe on my left foot is a little bit longer than my big toe
  • tiny scars on the inner side of my right ankle (thanks to a screw that stuck out of my Barbie scooter when I was little)
  • a really mysterious bead-sized lump on the right side of my scalp directly above my ear

Well good. I'm glad this ended up turning into a list of all my slight deformities and scars.

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