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If this list comes off as self-centered or egotistical in any way, I apologize; 'twas not at all intended to do so. It is that I am thankful for these things, yes!

  • I am a white, upper-middle class girl
  • I come from a family that loves and supports me to the best of their abilities, if anything sometimes too much so
  • I am financially stable
  • My parents will always have my back
  • My parents being extremely lenient and personable, and some of my best friends to an extent
  • I'm an only child
  • I don't have any specifically undesirable physical and/or mental features, I don't think...
  • I was born in somewhat-metropolitain New York in the 21st century
  • I exist during the technological age when information has been more accessible than ever before
  • I was accepted and go to one of the most desirable Universities in the world, and am able to afford it with no worries either
  • I am more informed of the world than most people ever will be (yes, I am somehow very aware of this an don't hesitate to say it)
  • I am able to do something quite successfully if I actually put my mind to it
  • the people I have selected to remain closest to in my life are legitimately some of the best people the world secretly has to offer, in my opinion
  • Loren Worsley deciding to come back to NYU
  • Dana Cohen ending up being the other roommate that had chosen to room with Emily freshman year
  • me not being an extremely sexually-driven being
  • being able to for the most part keep my head completely on my shoulders
  • what I have gotten away with (which has, over time, became kind of astronomical) thus far within my life that not everyone can know about at all
  • being able to do and achieve the things I have in my life thus far, and whatever physical/mental seasoning from it to prove it
  • Flicky becoming such a monumental feature in my life at this point
  • my ability to not have to rely on a specific religion/religious organization within my life
  • having taste, and legitimately being able to say so after comparing myself to others many, many, many times
  • both sets of my grandparents being alive and healthy
  • being the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family
  • that if the apocalypse is happening in 2012, I'm around and kind of in my prime for the end of the world; I feel as if this is a big deal
  • the fact that I was given the presence of a human being with an extensive thought process upon this fantastic and dynamic world that's always buzzing
  • my ability to put into words and convey so many things that I've realized not many can even begin to attempt thinking about, let alone explaining and learning from
  • my ability to control my perspective and be extremely rational both internally and externally as a result, to my person (if that makes sense?)
  • my self-awareness, the fact that I know myself well enough in this world to do well and only improve
  • my apparent "modesty"
  • my ability to see through and critically analyze so many things to understand them very well
  • the fact that I've realized/learned that I actually, really do love myself
  • my stability
  • realizing that so many things/quotes/art/people/perspectives that are passed on to so much of the world's understanding are actually false, and my ability to learn from this
  • I've realized I am God, everything is God. and my ability to understand exactly what I mean by God - which could be easily misinterpreted
  • all that is provided for me to play/interact with and witness with the senses innately given to me
  • my ability to learn from everything somehow, even if it's something not many can muster a lesson or further understanding from
  • I live in a world with a fantastic, mind-blowing overall concept and functioning - uh'gawd damn!
  • my ability to communicate rather nicely with words, despite understanding that they are actually a kind of isolating, limitating fence around whatever concept or idea is being conveyed by them
  • being a college student in the twenty-first century, and all of the conveniences and privileges that come with being here now
  • going to New York University, and my perspective regarding this; hah
  • skipping over the option of attending/living a "normal" college lifestyle and jump-starting to whatever the circumstances of going to NYU implies
  • my ability to acknowledge all that is above, let alone verbalize it I'm thinking
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user picture jen: I like this list a lot. All too often I find people are ungrateful beings. It's great that you're not one of them. jun 29 2011