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  • avoidable mistakes
  • dependency
  • helplessness
  • drunk driving
  • ignorance
  • arrogance
  • when the first lyrics of a song are the words of the title
  • when people have no substance
  • insecurity
  • apathy
  • myself being my biggest letdown
  • cabin-fever
  • people who rely on religion for answers
  • people who use religion for justification of things
  • people who look happy at NYU
  • my lack of a passion or specific talent
  • when people try too hard and are unaware that everyone knows their obviously doing so
  • bearded things that fuck, especially when unbearded
  • close-mindedness
  • lettuce being such a big deal
  • Washington state police officers
  • the monthly shedding of my uterine lining and the terribly terrifying mood swings that come with
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jun 21 2010 +