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Prior to speaking to this woman, I was entirely skeptical of her so-called "psychic" abilities and thought that at most, she probably is just a sickeningly good judge of character. However after speaking to her for about an hour and a half, I won't lie when I say that I essentially believe every single thing she has told me. So much of it was terrifyingly accurate already, or makes complete sense for my future - things you can't just generalize or pull out of your ass, that described me in better words than I could even describe for myself. So yes, without further ado...

  • I had lost a friend in the winter of my last year of high school to brain cancer (the amount of things she had discussed with me in relation to this could be a list within itself, so I'm not going to bother getting into it)
  • I see everything as very black and white, neutrality makes me extremely anxious and uncomfortable
  • when I love someone/something, I love it unconditionally and give it everything I could, but when I dislike something, I absolutely DESPISE it with every nerve in my body
  • I tend to put up walls against anything that has hurt or scared me that I will never take down
  • my life is a giant oxymoron and I find hilarity in everything, but love it
  • I am constantly and desperately searching for a passion, which makes me go all out with various different obsessions, only to discover that it's not right and therefore get really apathetic and indecisive with all things
  • once I actually find my true passion (which apparently won't take very long), I will completely excel in it because I go full-force with anything I believe I like and therefore do disgustingly well with it
  • I rarely plan, and rely more so on complete spontaneity
  • a lot of my actions in life are driven by vindication towards someone or something
  • I don't have many acquaintances and don't want many either, most of my relationships are all-or-nothing
  • although I don't see my father as much as my mother, he understands me a lot more
  • I look at my mother as someone who is below me on all levels and frequently get frustrated with her even though she means well and just loves me unconditionally (and she even told me that my mom IS subpar, but I need to accept that and not hold it against her)
  • I never mind drinking and "gettucing", in fact, I "gettuce" a lot
  • a majority of my "gettucing" is due to vindication, but I'm cutting back lately and will continue to do so
  • I've had a friend since third grade who I am still great friends with today, whose boyfriend I recently hung out and got along with (Katie) - she will be in my life forever, and will even be my bridesmaid when I get married
  • I'm essentially done with Long Island and almost everyone here; by next year I will have eradicated many of these people from my life
  • my friends from home are extremely selfish and judgmental, magnifying these qualities in me for the worse out of defense and I know it
  • I love my car, quite possibly more than I love myself
  • I will get in a car accident that is my fault where nobody is injured, but my car is damaged (probably side-swiped) and I will refuse to look at it until it is repaired
  • I hated my first year of college, it was one of the most disruptive events of my life. But after all, I'm looking forward to going back
  • I went to college in New York City
  • two or three people I have met during my first year of college will be in my life forever as well, I may even be living with one or two of them as soon as next year or later
  • next year is going to be awesome, and I will have some sort of "major life cleanse"
  • wherever I go to grad school is going to be the complete opposite of New York City, somewhere with lots of nature
  • I am currently in Liberal Studies, and it's a very good thing because all of my choices for majors thus far are not the right choices for me
  • I secretly really want to major in psychology and be a psychologist, but I'm afraid that people will think it's a dumb major and that I won't make enough money unless I'm a psychiatrist because that is an actual doctor (but I don't want to be a psychiatrist at all!)
  • I really like having money, but never want to show it overtly
  • I will become a psychologist for people ages 7-25 that starts my practice in New York City and doesn't accept insurance, so I will still make a ridiculously good amount of money
  • I will go through a ton of ups and downs with experiences in my twenties, but overall say I had a great time
  • I will experiment with drugs
  • I'm not that into anything sexual at the moment, but literally one day I will wake up and be like "I'm going to be sexual now!" and enjoy it from there
  • I will sexually experiment
  • I will be out with my lady friends on some future evening in New York City and end up having what I will think is a one-night stand with a man that will ring my doorbell the next day to my surprise and we'll fall in love instantly - this will be my future husband
  • he will either be in the sociology, psychology or psychiatry field
  • we'll be a complete anomaly, but a great one
  • I won't inevitably get divorced
  • I will eventually settle in some lavish area of Westchester or Connecticut and continue my practice there
  • I'll apparently have a fantastic life, and even the psychic said she was jealous!? I mean I'll take that!
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