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  • religiously/compulsively attending Yoga to the People and taking excessive pride in owning a shitty orange yoga matt
  • having absolutely no taste in the aesthetics of fashion and interior design
  • occupying the "third" bed that disrupts the symmetry of the room and looks out of place thus making me uneasy upon entering the room
  • obsessively talking about/shopping for/trying on assorted cowboy boots
  • making me uncomfortable with blatant acts of sexuality (having sex while im in the room vs. leaving a condom in the shower, a nuva ring package on the floor, and contraceptives above an overflowing garbage)
  • stressing frugality due to lack of money
  • obsessively attending Kimmel Dining Market
  • blogging.
  • complaining about job in customer service
  • blatantly sloppy, uneven and badly shaped self haircuts
  • no real friends apart from a significant other
  • daily "lathering"
  • random bouts of spaztic movements
  • an uncomfortably sweet pretense
  • a lack of any bed padding beneath the sheets
  • borderline anorexic
  • casually not owning a fan even though the room reaches about 120 degrees a night and thus just using mine
  • deciding to remove a certain grey rugs of mine (and previously Kristen's) and me grudgingly approving to avoid conflict
  • this is only about 50% relevant but alas, it is the bane of my existence. my new roommate also sings.
jun 22 2010 ∞
jul 15 2010 +
user picture Maggie: haha I really enjoy the picture that compliments this post. Did you try to do room reselection, you and Loren could have done it together! jun 22 2010
user picture Kristen: Eh, unfortunately Loren counts as a second semester freshman, so we can't do anything of the sorts until January. I've got Dana and Katie Weinstein within my living quarters though for now! jun 27 2010
user picture Kristen: Oh and padawan, this is genius. I completely approve of your lurking.
user picture Kristen: Yes Ava, it really, really, really is. jul 1 2010
user picture Kristen: (and it could not be more perfect, in my opinion.)
user picture Maggie: oh goodness. that video is awful. can't believe i just wasted some of my life watching it. i hope everything works out for you kristen! and i apologize for my creepy stalker comments lol
user picture Kristen: 'tis fine! and thanks! jul 4 2010