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suggestions are very welcome, my friends.

  • behold! the suggestions of miss Worsley
  • acoustic guitar
    • this could be attained from the homestead
  • board games
    • for the game shelf in the common area
      • Connect Four
      • Cranium
      • Life
      • Monopoly
      • Scattergories
  • bookshelf
    • for between the two closet doors in the common area
  • cable
    • for tv in common area
    • needs to be long enough to extend from a bedroom
  • chalkboard paint
    • to paint the "Smeads'" mannequin and make it a communally creative Cunt
  • Christmas lights (more)
    • and they're currently on sale at Duane Reade for the holiday season!
    • just to experiment/play around with with fun decorating projects
  • Christmas tree
    • for the corner table
    • with all the needed garnishings
  • ethernet cable (really, really long)
    • to connect Airport Express within the common area
      • then allows us to:
        • hook up good speakers connected to everyone through wi-fi to a space we actually occupy
        • use Xbox Live more quickly and to it's best potential
  • ceiling hooks
  • French press
  • incense (sandalwood)
    • for elephant incense burner in the "Nook of Distress"/my room
  • lamp (hanging?)
    • for the "Nook of Distress"
  • magazine rack
    • for chaotically strewn pile of flexibly-published reading material in the "Nook of Distress"
  • plants (larger floor ones)
  • remote
    • for tv in common area
  • speakers (better? eh)
    • for common area connected to Airport, could then move record player to common area as well to hook up to these and have all music (not like it's in any way something we need) attainable in a pleasurable communal space
  • tables
    • small, low and long table
      • for the center of the common room seating area
    • taller, narrower corner table
  • tea kettle
  • wall decor (more)
    • Russian posters
      • for common room/whatever walls desperate call for Soviet propaganda
      • pick some out from the 843765 that came in the zip file I accidentally purchased on eBay, get them printed at fun large sizes at Staples and possibly find simple frames for them
  • watering can
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user picture Andy: the picture for this list could not be better dec 2 2010
user picture Kristen: ahahahaha it's actually this very strange "Castle" on Long Island...I thought it would suffice for a castle-centric photo, I suppose