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I do never ever condone utilization of the aforementioned term - yet some circumstances naturally prompt it in me, regardless...

  • "Spice" sitting innocuously on Loren's bedside table and what how this would appear to a complete outsider
  • receiving over-enthusiastic e-mail coupons from Insomnia Cookies after the "Scandal" and my name being on their wall of shame of sorts
  • Makena Cunningham, the kleptomaniac
  • culture
  • Ishita consistently referring to John as "Dan"
  • "Canz", the sports bar in Queens that was very similar to Hooters (especially pertaining to the waitresses) where every title word on the menu intentionally ended in a "z" and songs such as "Fancy" by Drake continued to blare into the night
  • the CIMS volleyball team which consists of essentially every figure worth noting in Loren and I's existence at Warren Weaver Hall and led by none other than my enthusiastic Canadian bro math tutor/genius, Mitch
  • when anyone has the slightest inkling of romantic interest in me (this is especially pertaining to the abundance of men who apparently flock to the door of my peaceful Castle as of late)
  • "American Cheese" appearing on the kitchen table for me on Valentine's day
  • sex
  • the notable amount of paraplegics/pillbodies consistently lurking on only the north and east corners of the intersection of 3rd Ave and 14th St, my "front yard" of sorts
  • my favorite egg sandwiches in New York City coming from the bowels of the Robin Raj deli on the sketchy corner of Union Square I reside in
  • Dana's biweekly "E." Genser encounters
  • Elizabeth "Cassie" Mansfield, my past History of Western Art I lecturer, and all that comes with
  • the car I drive is a 2009 white Ford Mustang with a dual exhaust and black stripes that say "Mustang" on the sides of the doors
  • getting asked to work at Hollister to help them with a "fun new alternative-trendy vibe"
  • the iPad 2 is here already
  • me potentially qualifying for the "reasonable accommodations" offered by NYU's Moses Center for Students with Disabilities
  • my cousin getting caught for illegally downloading music on my grandma's computer - which I've over dramatically warned her about for years in a rather sarcastic sense
  • Mitchell Joaquim's existence
  • Yeast: what it is, what it does, that it's alive, y'know
  • Loren getting asked to marry Calypso's boyfriend and live with them for the next two years in none other than the strange "Just Sweet" bubble-tea shop under the Third North dormitory
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