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  • the failed Drake concert, and the enormous amounts of chaos that ensued - particularly through the perspective Dana and I experienced at the event.
  • getting accosted by a terrifyingly intense transvestite with a microphone and a professional cameraman outside of Evolution in SoHo with Loren and Dana, in which he attempted to interview (most particularly Dana) us on what was "going on in the art scene these days" and to tell him what we thought to be "hip" lately. Loren and I remained mostly silent, our faces expressing a combination of struggle to resist the need to burst into chronic bouts of laughter and absolute shock, horror, and terror on behalf of everything.
  • watching a barbaric Drunk man violently shake a rat trap out in front of an empty lot next to Dunkin Donuts, seizing dead rats by their middle that dropped out and screaming "RAAAGHHAHAHAAAHHHHHH" at them. he then proceeded to place them into a black Jansport backpack he was toting.
  • there is an older-looking man who always appears relatively put together in a nice hat and trench coat that I frequently see at varying times in Stuyvestant Square Park that stands around feeding squirrels from time to time. I always thought he was just a grand ol' fellow, until one day some athletic-oriented man with a greyhound was casually strolling through the park - as his greyhound naturally gravitated towards the cluster of squirrels surrounding the elder and the squirrels cleared without looking in the least bit phased, the old man starts angrily screaming at the top of his lungs at the guy various insults that included about 58476 different unnecessary curses.
  • gettucing next to a full-figured headless mannequin that I found in a garbage pail at 1:30 in the morning in front of a wrought-iron fence (before I embarked on my journey home with it) when a lady comes up to me and goes "ah! it's a picture! it's perfect!" and takes about 5 pictures at different angles of me.
  • discovering discarded mannequin legs in front of an American Apparel on Broadway while partaking in a long phone conversation with Loren this summer - I wanted to take the legs home but was still on the phone, so I wandered around with them for the duration. in this time period people/families from at least 5 different nations took my picture, because apparently a girl talking on a cell phone with mannequin legs under her arm is the best thing they've ever seen. some asked, some didn't, and a black man at one point didn't acknowledge me at all but decided to violently hump the legs (which were also under my arm) for three seconds and run away.
  • Loren and I's Saks 5th Avenue adventure the winter of freshman year
  • running into Barrack Obama completely accidentally on my walks to class twice Freshman year
  • the time when Loren and I were sitting on our usual bench on the west side of Stuyvestant Square and we noted that one man in particular traversing the park was quite peculiar in his ways - yet we really hadn't a clue as to why. several minutes later, we look over our shoulders to see said man sitting on a bench directly behind us subtly masturbating in our lovely neighborhood public park
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