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After living in my house for ten years, my pet rabbit Flicky has gradually gained complete freedom and only uses his cage as an open litter box. In this time he has also developed very specific "stations", and you are guaranteed to find him in one of these at any given time.

  • in front of the big glass and wood cabinet structure in the dining room
  • on the wicker mat next to his cage
  • on top of his cage
  • on top of the light-blue spot in the pattern of my mom's bedroom rug next to her side of the bed
  • on top of the right armrest of the bigger couch in the living room
  • under the Christmas tree, when it's there
  • under the large window in my kitchen next to the head chair at the kitchen table
  • under the little octagon-shaped table in between two chairs in the living room
  • wherever the sun is brightly shining through a window
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