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I actually happen to be making this list within the comforts of said facility.

  • the thirteenth floor study lounge, and all the good that it brings
  • it's even open on Sundays
  • not many NYU students even acknowledge this building's existence, let alone the existence of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
  • compared to every other student-holding facility of NYU, this place is always relatively empty
  • the majority of the students within are math majors or grad students at CIMS, hence their very un-obtrusive nature that's comforting to be around (as opposed to entering a place like the Gallatin building)
  • realizing that I'm becoming somewhat of a "regular" here, and being able to mutually recognize other "regulars"
  • it's on campus, just like every other scary establishment of John Sexton's around this campus-esque vicinity; naturally making me always choose to go here
  • I've had a bounty of experiences in this building other than just utilizing the lounge, including taking Algebra & Calculus classes here twice (...failing the first time, yes), and numerous math tutoring sessions with some particularly character-like folk
  • it's right across the street from Think Coffee, and now that they've finished construction on the east entrance, you could actually access it more easily from this side
  • they have a "cafe" here; not like I'd consider investing in food here if I'm capable of attaining otherwise, however it therefore makes it very acceptable for food consumption here in general
  • tables and plush seating galore
  • foldable tables lurk, which due to my "regular" status here I've realized are completely up for grabs if extra tables are required for your needs whilst residing in the lounge
  • free coffee tends to exist on the first floor and is unmentioned by all within - however if I have a cup handy, I never resist pouring myself a cup of the free and ever-so-empowering chemical that my body always requires
  • completely reconfiguring the furniture of the lounge does not warrant quixotic looks from others enjoying the space
  • the general atmosphere is overall quite comforting
  • the temperature is always perfect and the hiss of the heating/air-conditioning is rather inconspicuous but supportive of your academic pursuits
  • the thirteenth floor secretly has a spectacular view of Manhattan
  • if you leave your belongings unattended for short bits, it's not as worrisome as in other places - nobody really cares to steal your MacBook Pro or dumb Cultural Foundations 3 books here because they're too preoccupied with things that may actually be serious...and mathematical
  • according to Loren, sometimes people play the piano that's secretly tucked away in the corner of the lounge on a whim?! I've yet to experience this but now want to
  • they care enough to decorate it comfortably for the holidays!
  • all CIMS men, despite their varying differences, somehow have a general "look" about their appearances that can only scream CIMS grad student or professor - it's something to do with the pants, waists, shirts and hair I've realized, but it's impossible to point my finger on specifics
  • the ladies' bathroom on the 13th floor will never cease to be particularly lukewarm in temperature, and I've never once seen a sprinkle on a toilet seat, ever
  • the square tables on the South end of the 13th floor lounge, when they're obtainable
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