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  • by the time I was twenty three, I was already building a house and driving my second Porsche!
  • I did work on/restored/built that (pertaining to almost any building or important structure of New York City)
  • I was able to buy my first car, and it was a Porsche!
  • I'm the king of my castle
  • I'm the man of this house, and I am your father
  • if you ever die (pertaining to my mother) I'll be fine. I'll sell the house, buy a yacht, and have a bunch of broads around
  • it's a bunch of fucking burnouts!
  • lead, follow or get out of the way
  • MAHI
  • mmvmmvmmvmmv
  • nichshed
  • she's my wife, my bride
  • the snowblower broke
  • ya only live your twenties once
  • you can't soar with eagles when you're surrounded by headless turkeys
  • yyyeah!
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