mare :

  • obstinate light switching
  • it had not yet hunted when I was at 45% sanity, I turned the light off and it immediately burned the crucifix

demon :

  • killed me ~7 seconds after I found the ghost room

revenant :

  • slowed down dramatically when it could not see me

oni :

  • keen to manifest and show off its form

thaye :

  • extremely fast when hunting early

phantom :

jul 12 2023 ∞
jul 12 2023 +
  • had a thaye that did six singing ghost events in a row before I had even found the breaker
  • brief blips of emf 2 with no obvious source might be wraith teleporting around
  • some ghost models may vary between standing or crawling from one hunt to the next. assume obake only if the ghost goes from standing to crawling *within a hunt* or briefly appears as different model entirely
  • best not to place ghost writing book in range of DOTS projection, the lights may obscure the writing in the book that shade did while you were out of the room
  • 02/3/23 the day I heard banshee scream for the first time
  • when hantu leaves its room while hunting it will slow down because the temperature is warmer! may not sound fast if it has spent most of its hunting time away from its room
  • asking the ghost where they died using ouija board causes you to lose a l o t of sanity
  • ghost may flip over the ghost writing book before later writing in it (supposedly will not write after throwing the boo...
nov 23 2022 ∞
apr 18 2024 +