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  • name: nate
  • pronouns: they/she
  • location: denmark, europe
  • birthday: december 30, 1997
  • zodiac: cap ☼ cap ☾ libra ↑
  • placements: isfp, 4w5, slytherin
  • languages: dan, eng, swe, 中
  • major: international business in asia (chinese)

likes: languages, writing, mbti, naruto, kung fu panda, travelling to meet friends, fairy lights, sentimental movies, making powerpoints, lord of the rings, harry potter, stationary, soundtracks

dislikes: pranks, people who think the 16personalities' test is an accurate assessment of one's mbti type

ult groups: got7, pentagon

semi ults: day6, ateez

regulars: 2pm, dreamcatcher, ladies' code, the rose

jul 7 2016 ∞
mar 23 2022 +