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before you follow / don't follow if


  • you anti any of the groups i stan
  • you're lgbtphobic in any way
  • you're ableist/use the r slur
  • you don't support nb lesbians
  • you invalidate neopronouns


  • i'm autistic; i tend to hyperfixate on one group/thing at a time, even if i stan more groups i tend to mainly tweet about the one i'm hyperfixating on at the moment, that's just how i roll
  • that being said, i am a multi; but i mainly tweet about pentagon and got7
  • i try to make my acc a safe/positive space with no drama and negativity, but this is still a personal acc and i will occasionally vent (with tw/cw if need be)
  • i don't follow back if you're younger than 18 (current mutuals ok!) or if you tweet mainly in a language i don't understand
jul 7 2016 ∞
apr 2 2021 +