• wash all the dishes in the windowsill!!! ALL OF THEM
  • start packing up misc. kitchen stuff
  • text kein and kat re: utilities money
  • wash fitted sheet and socks/underwear


  • get bubble wrap, packing tape & boxes from home depot
  • look into forwarding package for frederick's
    • email them AGAIN about package
  • look into filling out asurion insurance claim for phone
  • transfer birth control prescription to cvs near new apt


  • email dad about asurion insurance claim
  • pack up kitchen
    • plates, bowls, & big mugs
    • rest of mugs & silverware
    • appliances (crock pot, microwave?)
    • dry goods


  • skype mom & dad
  • pack up bathroom
    • set aside makeup bag/other necessary things for the week
  • get newspaper for packing breakables
  • pack up rest of kitchen
    • clean up cookbooks & tea box
    • silverware & misc. items
    • stuff on & on top of the fridge
    • rest of mugs
    • dry goods from cabinets (spices, etc.)
    • appliances (crock pot, microwave?)
    • throw out all those damn bottles
    • empty out the fridge


  • sort through clothes in plastic boxes & dresser drawers
    • get rid of stuff I don't wear!!
  • pack clothes into plastic tubs/dresser drawers/suitcases
  • organize desk & pack up books into suitcases
  • pack up hall closets
  • order matt's birthday presents from toys 'r' us


  • call rcn and have them transfer my account and connect the wifi
  • call com ed/direct energy and have them transfer my account
  • go to verizon store & see if my phone is still under warranty
    • if not, borrow matt's phone to place insurance claim over the phone
jul 29 2015 ∞
aug 1 2015 +