• get cleaning supplies
  • doctor's appointment @ 3pm
    • call mom to update her
  • treat urine spots on mattress
  • wash work shirts
  • wash extra sheets


  • buy more paper towels & a get well card for uncle tom
  • change ink in printer & print out tax forms!!!!
    • drop off in mail box with two stamps each
  • clean up area by davie's food bowl
    • household cleaner and/or pine sol
  • clean up cat pee in front of litter box/under desk
    • white vinegar & paper towels, then nature's miracle, then maybe pine sol
  • wash your damn sheets
    • soak them in nature's miracle first, probably


  • talk to kein about handybook cleaning service
    • only $32 per person for a 3hr cleaning
  • call fatima/maintenance about the fridge/my window!
  • call pimsleur approach to cancel 3rd gold level/get rma to send it back
    • find out if i can get credit back for returned ones that have already been paid off


  • call tree house about finding a vet!!!!!
    • davie's urination habits/incessant meowing?? could be symptoms of a uti???!
  • mail pimsleur 3rd gold level shipment back via post office!!!
    • get return receipt!
jul 24 2014 ∞
jul 30 2014 +