• work 9:00am-5:00pm OYP
  • glue pin back to cloak pin
  • pre-fit cosplay fangs


  • work 7:30am-4:00pm
  • play D&D with Mom & Dad @ 6:00pm
  • change water & cut roses' stems
  • thread red ribbon through braided belt w/ knitting needle
  • watch Talks Machina


  • shower
  • get 1/4" purple ribbon from Michaels
  • work 2:30pm-10:45pm Booth
  • pre-fit cosplay fangs!!
  • thread purple ribbon through braided belt
  • practice applying ears with spirit gum


  • trace bottoms of horns on pieces of worbla
  • dye hair
  • clean Davie's food bowls
  • clean litterbox
  • make horn caps out of foam clay
    • use cone of foil or pastry tips underneath to form base
    • attach band of clay with jump ring
  • pre-fit cosplay fangs!!
  • watch Critical Role @ 9:00pm!!!


  • pre-fit cosplay fangs!!
  • attempt #2 at making horn caps out of foam clay
  • make tail!!!!
    • braid together 3 lengths of 12-gauge wire to make alternate tail base
    • cut tights in half to separate legs
    • pin tights around stuffed tail base to make sleeve
    • sew sleeve shut with zig-zag stitch
    • cut out spade from adhesive foam
    • sandwich end of tail between adhesive sides of foam spade pieces
  • attach magnets to horns with worbla
    • heat worbla with heat gun & press onto bottoms of horns
    • lock magnets in place with second piece of worbla pressed on top
    • superglue magnets to headband
  • order more worbla & rare earth magnets
  • go to Cork Lounge for Tim's birthday @ 9:00pm!


  • work 6:45am-2:45pm Booth
  • get craft foam from Michaels
  • stop by Cy's place to have xyr help me tie ribbons onto sleeves of Jester top
  • work on horn set-up:
    • superglue felt to the bottom of horns
      • let cure for 24 hours
  • order more contact cement
  • attempt #1 at making horn caps out of craft foam
  • get another set of stretch headbands & super glue from Jewel
  • pre-fit cosplay fangs!!!!
  • work on tail:
    • sew seam along pinned line (use narrow zig-zag stitch) to make sleeve
    • turn right-side out and pull over tail base
    • attach d-ring clip to end of tail base
    • safety pin top opening closed
  • do another makeup test!!!


  • work 7:45am-3:45pm OYP
  • pick-up contact cement & gel super glue from Home Depot
  • do another makeup test!!!
  • clean litterbox
  • shower
  • finish horn set-up!!!!!
    • use contact cement to glue magnets to felt on bottoms of horns
    • use contact cement to glue thin piece of black craft foam over magnets on horns
    • use contact cement to glue second set of magnets to each side of stretch headband
  • go to Roxi's birthday celebration at Best Intentions!
feb 15 2020 ∞
feb 24 2020 +