• call rcn and figure out what's wrong with the wifi
    • get cord from best buy
  • unpack kitchen boxes
  • karen and sarah come over!
  • message kat, kein, & daniel about july's bills


  • pay gas bill
    • cancel people's gas service/account
  • call rcn to find out why service has been cancelled, not moved
  • skype mom & dad
  • meet karianne at her place to pregame for bobby's party
  • go to bobby's party!


  • go to payment center at broadway & foster to get com ed set up at new apartment
  • wrap matt's anniversary present
  • get a blanket from marshalls for movies in the park
  • take phone to verizon to see if i can get a new one within the warranty
  • go see the goonies at edgebrook park!
aug 7 2015 ∞
aug 23 2015 +