• buy thigh highs for vday
  • buy t-rex mug and 'reasons why i love you' book for matt
    • buy vday card & candy for mug
  • get frozen meals/chicken patties/etc. from trader joe's
  • pay december's rcn bill!!?!?! whoops


  • look into white noise machines/apps for matt!
  • email geeking out re: missing shirt for matt's xmas present
  • submit a claim for missing Jan. 2nd package
  • call SSA about creating a My Social Security account
  • mail mom's d20 back
  • message alisha/wes?/etc. about voice acting stuff
  • look for a vday restaurant


  • play d&d @ 10am
  • Team Member Happy Hour at Matt's work @ 10pm


  • keep looking for a vday restaurant


  • work on resume with karianne
jan 2 2016 ∞
jan 11 2016 +