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✎ Some SehunxLuhan fanfics that I've come across.

♥ = Personal Favorite


[NC-17/RATED M] Luhan had always been calculative. But when impulsive billionaire Oh Sehun sets his eyes on him, he realizes his calculator had gone MIA, eliciting the most difficult computation he had ever faced with it, a perplexing, consuming love he can't ever put a figure on.

[PG-13] Luhan is a 21-year old Chinese transfer student at Suk-Myeong University with a friendly, fun-loving personality. After moving into a house with 11 other male students, Luhan finds himself in good company with the exception of his hateful roommate Sehun. Even though on the exterior Luhan seems who has always been fortunate and loved, he actually possesses a dark, painful past. He has worked hard to forget this part of him, but after meeting the cold-hearted Sehun, memories of the past start to resurface and threaten to prevent him from being with someone he truly wants to be with.

Sehun is an 18-year old freshman at Suk-Myeong University and maknae of the house. He is known to be cold and distant and basically anyone else who is not one of his hyungs. After having the room to himself, he is forced to share it with the new transfer guy Luhan, who he treats with the utmost indifference. All of that changes when he gets a glimpse of Luhan's childhood and finds that they share more than just a room. Will Sehun actually start to feel something for his older roommate?

[PG-13] Sequel to "I Couldn't Care Less"

[PG-13, ongoing] Fluttering moments from an unlikely love story.

[RATED G] Luhan confessed to Sehun for the first time only to be rejected by the other but of course he isn't just going to give up there, he's going to keep confessing every year on the same day and same place until their feelings become mutual. Luhan is pretty confident in his abilities to make Sehun fall for him. Sehun, however, is less than amused by Luhan's determination but for whatever the reason he can't seem to stop himself from showing up for every confession Luhan has for him.

[NC-17] Luhan has a huge crush on a tall, blond guy that he used to watch romantic movies to win his heart, not realizing that he is on his way into living his own cliched love story but not with the leading man he thought he's starring with.

[NC-13] Sehun had always thought that his father dropping his responsibilities on him was the most unfair thing. That was until he accidentally impregnated a blind boy named Luhan.

[PG-13/NC-17] Oh Sehun is a cruel businessman. He doesn't believe in rainbows, he doesn't believe in happiness and he doesn't believe in love. All he cares about is fame, wealth, and most importantly an heir. Xi Luhan happens to be his victim for conceiving his heir, but never to ask for his child in exchange of the money he needs to support his crumpled family.

[RATED M] Luhan is captured and used as an experiment. It leaves hi confused and desperate for answers. They make him do stuff he isn't able to do, have his body bonded intimately with someone he doesn't know and according to his captors, all this if for one thing: to save the world.

[NC-17/M] They never meant to fall in love.. Sehun returns to Korea after years abroad and runs into his old friend, Jongin. Jongin has built quite a life for himself and he welcomes Sehun with open arms. Jongin has everything a man could possibly want: a lucrative job, expensive possessions, and someone waiting for him at home at the end of the day. but why is it that when Sehun meets Luhan, Jongin's live-in lover, he can't shake the feeling that it's him Luhan really needs?

[RATED M/NC-17] Sehun is an outstanding college student aiming for honors on pursuing his degree in college. He was on his third year when he met a guy named Kim Jongin who handed him a bottle saying it would spice up his sex life. But everything turned to something once Sehun opened the bottle and swear he regrets everything.

[NC-13/17] In which Luhan finds himself pregnant with Oh Sehun's baby. Oh Sehun, the notorious crime lord who breaks every single law there is. The man who had claimed as his and isn't going to let him get away. Now, the both of them have to learn to build a family together and let's just say that it isn't all that easy.

[NC-17] Lu Han dispenses touches like candy. And he’s so adorable. Sehun hates him. Definitely maybe. There’s a side pairing. Very very side. Almost coleslaw. And there's Jongin. Yay Jongin.

[NC-17] Jongin drags Sehun to an overpriced art class, where he obviously finds a cute boy slash graphic design demi-god. Oh and probably lots of necessary cusses and unnecessary adjectives.

[NC-17/RATED M] Luhan really shouldn't have dressed up as a girl for his school's football game. It only sent him on a whirlwind of insanity, which has him standing at the gates of his new school, dressed as a girl. He wasn't sure why he actually went through with it. It's not like he wanted to be a girl. He was just fine as a gay boy. Yet, he couldn't stop himself. Not with that jersey number burning in his mind. 94. The number of perfection. The reason that Luhan had to become Lulu, a pretty girl.

[NC-17, ongoing, OT12 PAIRING] In which Kris is an Otaku with a fetish for adorable panda look-alikes, Chanyeol is an insensitive turd whom still has a lot of growing up to do, Chen is in love but not willing to fight for said love, Kai is a fool for Soo in the most facepalming way, Sehun is resentful and needs to learn that he doesn't have to live day by day with a stick up his ass, and Lay is perfection and the least dramatic of the six of them. Oh, did I mention that they have no idea they're Daddies? Yeah, it's about to sock them in the face.

[PG-13] Luhan is one of the top performers in the circus while Sehun is only his apprentice that's really really clumsy but maybe Luhan caught some of Sehun's clumsiness because the two end up falling for each other even with the safety net to catch them.

[PG-13] Luhan has had only one main goal in his entire life, to become the top patissier in the country, to achieve his dream he has enrolled in SM Academy for the Culinary Skilled Elites (SMACSE). But when Sehun comes into the picture with prodigy like skills and an alluring indifferent presence that Luhan can't seem to resist, becoming the top patissier seems to have gotten all the harder or maybe Luhan can make this all work out in both their favors in the end.

[G/PG-13] Sehun and Luhan compete with each other on ridiculous skills everyday in the EXO Galaxy Tech Company but when they find out that their bosses are planning on giving only one of the two a promotion, the rivalry between them ignites even further as they attempt to out do each other at everything (and sabotage is not too far off either) in attempt to gain the wanted promotion. Too bad the end result will definitely will not be what either of them expected.

[NC-17] Chanyeol, Kai and Sehun are three college students on their way home from a party when they discover 3 boys, hurt and injured in their apartment’s basement car park. With no identification and two of the boys are mute, Chanyeol, Kai and Sehun take them in to nurse their injuries and they soon learn a big secret. The three boys are the Dolls. The famed Porcelain Dolls from Seoul’s Red Light District. Seoul’s underground society in on a full-fledge manhunt for the missing Dolls, and so is the world’s media and security intelligence. Kai, Sehun and Chanyeol’s lives are in danger. The only way to protect their lives is to protect the Dolls. The question is: Is it worth it?

[NC-13] In which Oh Sehun, the boy next door, dreams of marrying Luhan, the prettiest boy on the block. Except Luhan’s father, Kris Wu Yifan would prefer to jump off a cliff than let that happen.

[G/PG] (a/n: based on this thai movie i basically worship called 'first love')

[PG-13] Vlogger Dawn007 shares his life on the Internet and viewers get to see how their favorite person on Youtube transforms from a young man in love to a first-time parent.

[NC-17] Sehun's an unconventional ulzzang and Luhan's a famous idol. They meet thanks to weibo.

[PG-13] Sehun wanted to talk so badly with Luhan even though they got language problems.

[PG-13] Cinderella never really went to the ball. But that’s ok, because neither did the Princess’s younger brother.

[PG-13] Luhan was almost fed up. (Not the summary just a phrase)

[PG-13, ongoing] In which Luhan is a wealthy Hotel & Casino Tycoon and the Valet Boy is oh so yummy.

[PG-13] Luhan unknowingly agrees to marry the prince of Korea, Oh Sehun, a stubborn and arrogant brat.

[PG-13] Sequel to Fated To You Sehun searches for Luhan after realizing there was only one person he wanted to rule his kingdom with. Basically, Sehun goes to China.

[PG-13] In which Luhan cross-dresses and Sehun is a bratty prince.

[PG-13, ongoing] Your eyes are not always telling you the truth. Maybe what you see seems real to you, but you haven't seen all of it. You missed me.

[PG-13] All Sehun wanted was bubble tea and cake. He finds Luhan instead. But the thing is, he wasn't supposed to fall this hard.

[PG-13] Luhan's never liked being thrown out of control, unpredictability and dancing in public. Right now, he might just have to learn to live with it.

[PG-13] In which, SeHun has an affinity for English and a loathing for Math, while LuHan is a Math nerd that hates English.


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