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✎ Some SehunxLuhan fanfics that I've come across.

♥ = Personal Favorite

  • Stories with a ' ★' are those that gave me SO MUCH FEELS.
  • Bon Voyage

[NC-17/RATED M] twelve guys whose lives are connected in one way or another plus on big ship

[NC-17/RATED M] Vampire? Werewolf? Human? Who cares? Sometimes hunger is the only thing that matters, and Luhan? He is starving.

[RATED M/TRIGGER WARNING] Sehun always told Luhan he'd make a hot chick. So Luhan thought, why not try out cross dressing on the one night a year he could really get away with it? Rough sex and chaos ensues.

[RATED M/TRIGGER WARNING] Sequel to 'Something Wicked This Way Cums'. Sehun and Luhan are building their lives together. They're the perfect couple in the street and a couple of freaks between the sheets. They love the dynamic in their relationship. Luhan is Sehun's pretty babydoll and Sehun is Luhan's loving Daddy. But what happens when another man wants to make Luhan his pretty babydoll? Enter billionaire playboy Choi Siwon and let the games begin.

[PG-13] Just when Luhan was about to move on from being rejected in high school, Oh Sehun surprisingly came back five years later as his fiance. Secrets were then revealed. The past was brought up. And most importantly, the reason behind Sehun's painful rejection returned too. Should Luhan let go of their tied knot or should he keep on fighting for something that was barely holding it in the first place?

[RATED M] Oh Sehun, the new CEO of Senshine Group, needs a Mandarin interpreter and Luhan turns out to be chosen during the interview but not for his skills and competences. Something between them arises at the time their lives intersect but is it just attraction and lust or something deeper? Will Luhan's past cause problems or not? Only the time and the bond that binds them can say it

[RATED M/TRIGGER WARNING] Luhan should've known better than to ask for honesty from idol-actor Oh Sehun.

[RATED M] Cherry blossoms represent an ephemeral nature of life. Fleeting love. They bloom for only a short period of time, allowing no one to become attached to their beauty. Luhan hopes that the bracelets of golden branches and blossoms that wind up his forearms symbolize a love that will last forever.

[PG-13] Luhan's freshman year ended two weeks ago, as did his residence in the school dorms. Which means he's in need of a new place to live and, subsequently, a job. He started working at Wolf Inn because on of the job perks--and he'd use the term loosely--is free room and board. But what he hadn't realized is that his free room shares a hallway and a bathroom with the only person he was hoping to avoid for the rest of his life: Oh Sehun. As in: Hot guy. Handyman. Keeper of all his painful memories.

[RATED M] Reject High is a segregated school for the 'troubled' teens. This high school is split up into five sections: durg addicts, nymphomaniacs, the abused, those with special abilities, and one classroom that holds those who belong in every category. Watch these twelve boys face their addictions, learn to control their abilities and quite possibly ruin their lives.

[RATED M/TRIGGER WARNING] Sehun was staying over at Luhan's house for a few weeks while his dad is away on a business trip for a company meeting. Luhan's dad was more than protective when he started dating Luhan. He still remembers sitting on Luhan's bed as he was interrogated.

[G/PG] The stages of falling, being and staying in love with Luhan.

Luhan is determined to find the person on the other end of his string and Sehun is not a believer in fate.

[PG-13] Join Sehun and Luhan in their parenting world (ft. Haowen and Ziyu)

Sehun’s life was always aimed to be fast paced and nothing less than perfect, but when he comes to California for a break he meets Lu Han who takes him on a whirlwind romance.

[NC-17] Everyday without a fail Luhan swims up to the shore to watch the Really Hot Guy ride the waves with his surfboard. He made a deal with a magician, traded his fins for legs, and somehow ended up stumbling into uncharted territory called Love.

[NC-17] Sehun has a lot of unhealthy habits in life, Lu Han just happens to be become his latest one.

[NC-17] Sehun finds his paradise in a lover and Luhan needs to lose faith in his own to see what really matters.

[PG-13] Sehun would do anything for his daughter. Even if it included pursuing her daycare instructor. Regardless, it's not like Sehun would mind pursuing him. Although, things aren't as simple as they seem..

When the landlord's had had enough of his lame excuses, Sehun eventually finds himself being on sale.

[RATED M] Luhan couldn’t believe it. Of all the days he could have run into the cutest guy had ever seen, it had to be the day he was dressed like a girl.

[NC-17] The first kiss; 「rejection」 The second kiss; 「regret」 The third kiss; 「revelation」

[NC-17] Luhan stumbles across a video of him and his ex-boyfriend, which has gone sort of viral on Tumblr. Baekhyun had taken the video of Sehun and Luhan kissing back in the 8th grade, and Luhan finds himself wondering how it ended up on the internet, even though Baekhyun insists that he never uploaded it. Luhan also finds himself wondering why he ever left Sehun in the first place. On a whim, Luhan contacts Sehun to see if they still have the chemistry they use to have years ago.

Oh Sehun is a famous actor. Life as a young idol has been hard on him. Xi Luhan is a student and Sehun's number one fanboy. Luhan is too kind hearted that he gives free hugs in the busy streets of Seoul. And Oh Sehun needs a hug.

When Luhan realizes that his four year old son is attaching to his kindergarten teacher as days go on, young father is determined to show his son and that almighty teacher that he still deserves "The Best Daddy of the Year" mug. What Luhan doesn't expect is to fall for the charms of the teacher.

"Get away from me!"

"But you are too cute to ignore,"

"Get out of my life!"

"Why? When all I actually want is to be a part of it,"

Sehun has been involved in the mafia for so long that he's practically bored with it. Day in, day out, same old, same old, whatever. That's not good. Sehun is young and reckless, he joined the mafia for the thrill, he dislikes being bored so he's going to find something to entertain himself and the new recruit, Luhan, seems oh so tempting. But soon enough Sehun is going to learn that he's not as bulletproof as he claims to be, especially no matter where Luhan seems to aim his target always ends up being Sehun one way or another.

[RATED M] Luhan misses Sehun. The only logical solution is to go see him...right?

What is life to someone who'd gladly fall into death's embrace? Oh Sehun refuses treatment after treatment , surgery after surgery. He's going to die, and he welcomes it with open arms. It's been a while since he stopped caring, and happiness is nothing but a memory to him. all he wants is to fly free. When Luhan comes into his life, suddenly Sehun's wings don't feel so clipped.

In which Luhan and Sehun were never meant to part and the stars make every little sacrifice to bring the two their eternal sunshine.

[PG-13] Luhan, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo are being played by the universe, throwing them together like one big sick joke. But maybe not; if they could help each other from meeting their true loves.

Sehun accepts a bet to seduce the school's cutest, most pure boy in three months.

Luhan is a cute boy from China, because of some accident he lost his family and his uncle decided to adopt him and told him to move to Korea and stayed with him. Sehun is a heir of Oh Empire, leading in all of business sectors that controlled South Korea. He attended a private school and meet Luhan, Sehun despite him so much but after a little incident happened between them Sehun thought that maybe Luhan wasn't as bad as think before and when he saw Luhan was bullied by other students he stood up for him. Sehun was confused, he never felt this way towards other people, so what was it?

In which Luhan is in love with Sehun and may also be a little, just a tiny bit jealous. Sehun also loves Luhan and may be a little too protective. It's a fact for Baekhyun that Chanyeol is perfect and Kai is forever stupid. Kai who should stop harassing Sehun's new co-worker at the cafe...

Santa loses one of his reindeers to a 20 year old man who absolutely hates Christmas.

Xi Luhan thought that his lucky stars loves him, the only thing that ever was on his side. He couldn't believe his luck when they granted him a handsome neighbor named Oh Sehun. But...Who would fall in love with a person who weighs 240 pounds as Luhan?

[RATED M] Oh Sehun, CEO of a multi-million dollar advertising firm has it all. Money, power, looks, smarts. The one thing he doesn't have, is the guts to ask out his new secretary Luhan.​

Luhan had always hated his girly face. He was tired of hearing the constant: "Sorry I don't like the idea of dating a boy cuter than me." He wished he was more manly. But there was also his future fiance. A girl, the daughter of his parent's highschool friends. Whom he had also never met and only have seen toddler pictures when he was younger. She was cute in the toddler pictures. But by now they were both teenagers. He hoped she was cuter than him. But what if she was actually...a he?!

[RATED M] Strangers who only met for sex. Yet craves for more than pleasure.

[NC-17] Sehun had to deal with his neighbor's unlikely idea of a "date".

[PG-15] Luhan has always been the wuiet, invisible kid in high school who would probably never experience illegally drinking to get drunk or attend parties. He didn't even have one friend to talk to and his parents were desperate to let their boy experience the fun stuffs the youth do in his age. He was perfectly aware of his status but when the famous Oh Sehun approached him and asked him to join his cool group of friends through the ritual, Luhan nodded. He thought how great it would be to be closer to that 17 year old boy with so many tattoos on his body and maybe have the chance of running the pads of his fingers of the pattern of the skull inked on his chest.

[PG-15] Luhan didn't expect everything to go on smoothly on his first day at Seoul X University. But Luhan mostly didn't expect his roommate to be a complete jerk. The bored gaze he received when the door opened after a few knocks had made Luhan's smile drop immediately. Luhan couldn't believe his luck. His roommate was Oh Sehun. Oh Sehun. His ex-boyfriend.

[RATED M] "I can be bad too". That was what Luhan said. When Sehun meets his ex-boyfriend Luhan at a club, memories come flooding back, and strangely, he feels guilty for what he did in the past. Now Luhan's about to prove Sehun that he's not a kid anymore, that he can be bad too, that he's adult, through anyway possible.

[PG-15] Luhan, the school's ugly duckling. Nerdy, ugly and outcasted. The kings, the school's most popular and lusted after boys. So why does one of the kings have a sudden liking in the ugly duckling?

[PG-15] Six boys. One box. One moment to confuse the hell out of them all.

[RATED M] In which Luhan found his first love knocking on his front door steps willing to be his tenant with his four year old baby on his house.

Luhan flies to south korea to plan his cousin’s wedding, unaware of the fact that old wounds are ready to bleed again, and that true happiness can’t exactly be planned.

Sehun's just a fanboy and still a high school student. Luhan's older and laready a very famous idol in Korea and China. What if Sehun's bold enough to get Luhan's attention and day by day fall for him more than he ever imagined? It's every fan's dream to be with their idol and Sehun thinks with his height and gender he's qualified enough to make his dream come true. But will it be easy? And will Luhan give Sehun a chance?

[PG-15] There is a new tenant in Sehun's building. He's cute, perky and totally Sehun's type. The only problem, the cute boy is already taken...

[RATED M] Oh Sehun is just an ordinary male from South Korea. Well, does ordinary count when you have a crush on a soccer player that was just traded to FC Seoul? Sehun finds himself madly in love with the Chinese player after seeing him once on TV. When he happens to bump into said player outside the pitch, will Sehun find the courage to snag him before he's gone?

[RATED M] In which Sehun accidentally finds out about his popular upperclassman’s secret obsession with cute teddy bears, and ‘unintentionally’ uses it against him.

[RATED M/TRIGGER WARNING] The last thing Luhan remembers from the big mansion is the vague memories of his family on their last days on earth, before everything went upside down. Luhan's father, the famous journalist, Lu Wenhan, was the absolute best at his job. There was no story that could get past him. He would always get to the bottom of things no matter the cost. But when Wenhan gets a hold of some information on the notorious Underground Oh Mafia, the Oh's cannot afford to have their secrets revealed. So to keep their secret, they dragged the entire family to the merciless mansion where Luhan's life changed for good. [...] Even with all these miseries, he always heard that boss would not allow a single soul touch him inappropriately and he thought maybe atfer all this, the boss has a soft spot for him cause boys like him always ended up in brothels. Little did he know he's kept pristine for the sake of Oh's third son, Sehun.

A wedding reception + two ex-lovers = chaos. Could they still fix their broken relationship? Or not?

[NC-17] Oh Sehun was a brat. A handsome, flawless brat.

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