• phamous philadelphians (featuring a million jello shots for bill cosby)
  • lost boys/shipwreck party (drink tropical drinks but look like disheveled children.)
  • arrested development/never nude (marathon ad watching! cornballs for all! and frozen bananas!)
  • gatsby lawn party
  • cross dressing karaoke
  • 50's housewife tupperware party. (beehives and drinking out of tupperware)
  • dress like what you wanted to be when you were five party (lots of ballerinas and firefighters)
  • recreate your worst school picture party
  • favorite fictional or historical character arm-wrestling party
  • ellis island party (turn of the century immigrant dress- bring a liquor associated with your country. fake chickens.) (real chickens?)
  • unbirthday party (so many cakes! and hats! and it's everyone's birthday so we all keep singing!)
  • ghetto barn party/farm dance (grilz & overalls)
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