• i'll be getting out of my car and by some cosmic twist of fate ( a tear in time and space? wormhole? overlapping of a parallel universe?) a shark will fall out of the sky, mouth open, and eat me. then skid across the pavement and die, obviously.
  • i'll slip and fall and hit my head on the side of a large white van and die.
  • a man in a business suit with stab me in the stomach while walking down the street and then keep walking.
  • i'll be walking in a curved subway hall and hear a rumbling that i assume is just a subway train only to find out that it's rhinoceroses stampeding toward me. and how could i possibly forsee that? the walls are curved!
  • dolls will bite my ankles
  • all my stuffed animals (past and present) will conspire to kill me. they will sneak down to the kitchen, get a knife, then wait until nightfall.
sep 30 2009 ∞
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