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hi there! we're the frost system~ my name is phones, and i'm the most common fronter. よろしくお願いします!

here's some stuff about us out of headspace:

  • frost system or ara
  • 18
  • english major
  • they/them or he/him (if you don't know who's fronting)
  • mixed system
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scarlet is affectionately called the "system mom", since they're the most responsible. they love reading.

  • 25?
  • they/them -- nonbinary
  • may seem professional, but that doesn't mean they don't like to have fun. they can and will be a little shit at times.
  • tends to get lost in well-written stories and difficult logic puzzles


  • kurapika - hunter x hunter
  • the doctor (especially ten) - doctor who
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in alphabetical order. there are a lot. be warned. these are artists we can say we like a lot of their music, too -- we aren't counting artists we wouldn't say "oh i love their music" to.

  • alice in chains
  • babymetal
  • beyonce
  • the black crowes
  • childish gambino
  • daoko
  • dwight yoakam
  • fleetwood mac
  • inxs
  • johnny cash
  • the killers
  • lady gaga
  • led zeppelin
  • living colour
  • loretta lynn
  • metallica
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phones is the host and most common fronter! he is the only one who knows for a fact he's traumagenic, though we have our suspicions about nick and roxas as well.

  • 18 (age generally matches the body)
  • he/him -- trans boy
  • loves drawing and writing
  • big depression sometimes, but he's taking steps to work through it


  • neku sakuraba - the world ends with you
  • ichimatsu matsuno - osomatsu-san
  • stan marsh - south park
  • diane nguyen - bojack horseman
  • aoba seragaki - dramatical murder
  • yu narukami - persona 4

he has others he's currently reexamining to see if they are important enough to him to list.

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roxas is in a subsystem with sora, but sora doesn't front as often as he does. he's a surly little shit, but he's the best out of all of us at ignoring our anxiety and powering through anxiety-inducing situations. he is a fictive of roxas from kingdom hearts (along with sora, who is also a fictive).

  • 18
  • he/they -- doesn't like labels
  • despite being 18 he's the hugest fucking millenial, somehow
  • probably the worst singer in the system but that's less because he can't at all and more because he only ever listens to blink-182 and nirvana
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this is just stuff we're interested in!

  • video game glitches, especially in pokemon
  • lost media, especially video games and cartoons
  • abandoned buildings and their history
  • watergate scandal
  • conspiracy theories -- i mean the ones with some merit, not like. flat earthers.
  • cartoons, especially 90s - today
  • linguistics, especially the study of dialects and accents. (and respect thereof!!!)

we also play guitar, draw, and (of course) write.

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nick is the second most common fronter! she is a demon/fallen angel, and while we're not entirely clear on roles these days, she's generally helpful in keeping phones calm and getting him out of front when he doesn't have energy.

  • 23ish
  • he/she -- she's bigender
  • has a VERY high voice compared to phones, it's kind of hilarious since she's a foot taller than him in headspace
  • does her best to be open about her past mistakes and improve on them. she doesn't want to hurt anybody. (unless it's in defense, but that's a different story.)


  • satanick - funamusea
  • panty anarchy - panty and stocking with garterbelt
  • tamaki suoh - ouran high school host club...
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kara is a soulbond of karamatsu matsuno! he annoys phones a lot because, well, he's karamatsu and phones is ichimatsu, but it's more brotherly teasing than anything. he's actually a very good singer and guitar player.

  • 23
  • genderfluid, but defaults he/him
  • listens almost exclusively to classic rock, outlaw country, and 2000s pop icons
  • just because he actually speaks english now doesn't mean he won't walk around saying stupid engrish phrases every chance he gets
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also in alphabetic order! italics are our biggest interests! we like other stuff, but those interests are more personal.

  • +anima
  • bojack horseman
  • cardcaptor sakura
  • doctor who
  • funamusea
  • game grumps
  • hatoful boyfriend
  • hamlet
  • hunter x hunter
  • kingdom hearts
  • mother series
  • osomatsu-san
  • ouran high school host club
  • panty and stocking
  • the world ends with you
  • yugioh
    • duel monsters
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