• I before E, except after C; Or when sounded "A" as in neighbor, weigh and weight; Or when sounded like "eye" as in height; And "weird" is just weird
  • When two vowels go walking the first does the talking (e.g., oat, eat)
  • BELIEVE: Do not believe a lie.
  • SECRETARY: A secretary must keep a secret
  • PRINCIPAL: The principal is your pal
  • TEACHER: There is an ache in every teacher
  • MEASUREMENT: Be sure of your measurements before you start work
  • FRIEND: When Friday ends, you go out with your friends
  • SPECIAL: The CIA have special agents
  • PIECES: Pieces of a pie
  • SEPARATE: Always smell a rat when you spell separate
  • Here or Hear: We hear with our ear
  • Complement and Compliment: complement adds something to make it enough; compliment puts you in the limelight
  • Principle and Principal: Your principal is your pal; A rule can be called a principle
  • Sculpture and Sculptor: A sculpture is a kind of picture
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