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"Stars are beautiful, but they must not take an active part in anything, they must just look on forever. It is a punishment put on them for something they did so long ago that no star now knows what it was."
-JM Barrie, Peter Pan

noa follows:
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  • reticence over loquaciousness
  • large words with simple meanings
  • the smell of clean blankets right before bed
  • the culdcept saga (video game)
  • the soft sigh at the end of john wayne gacy, jr
  • studio ghibli films
  • 'arry potta (hufflepuff!)
  • my best friend playing his guitar
  • having everything organized just so
  • christmas lights twined around headboards
  • hot tea at any time of the day
  • the nightmare before christmas
  • warm days of wide open blue skies
  • the legend of zelda: ocarina of time
  • learning to master zero waste

but the two that always makes my day:

  • a hot cup of loose leaf tea
  • teaching new things to my son
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