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College-aged Aspie that is obsessed with cartoon ducks.

Yes, I have spilled Coke in my Nan's Chevy.

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  • Born in February 1998
  • Is an Asexual Lesbian
  • Has a twin sister
  • Self-taught artist since age 4
  • Is a furry and not afraid to tell anyone
  • Has Asperger's
  • Collects vintage comics, Felix the Cat and Donald Duck merchandise, Funko Pops, and musical clocks
  • Is a huge nerd for Vaporwave and Future Funk
  • Obsessed with cartoon ducks
  • Steals dank memes
  • Has a ton of video game platforms
  • Has spilled Coke in her Nan's Chevy (not sure about melting candy in it though...)


  • Vaporwave
  • Cyberpunk
  • Purple Light
  • Retro (80s-90s)
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