• People who aren't me who sit there and click their pens.
  • People who constantly, loudly tap their feet in class, and won't stop.
  • People who tease their hair and leave the knots showing.
  • When people are saying, "Omfg. I am sooooo like, in love with you!" and you're fucking 16. You're not in love, you're just desperate. There's fine line between them.
  • Having an amazing idea, being too tired to write it down, and then BAM. "Goodmorning, where the fuck did that idea go?"
  • People who want to change the world and aren't willing to really do anything except complain.
  • The way the news has literally no emotion while talking about someone who was killed, but in every other story, they're all, "Oh, cool!"
  • People who act all cool when no one really gives a fat fuck.
  • People who hate David Bowie. COUGHRYAN. ;D
  • Our superintendant. Fuck 'er.
  • Craig trying to take over ETF. Noooot into it.
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