Things I want in life

  • New York with my best friend. 
  • To Be on broadway... For real. 
  • Beautician Degree. 
  • To see at least a hundred concerts. 
  • To get the lead in a highschool show. 
  • To graduate highschool. 
  • To be able to tell every single person who put me down that I made something of myself. 
  • Say, "Blow me" to a teacher who thinks I'm not good enough. 
  • Be able to move on more quickly. 
  • Own a ridiculously beat up oldtruck that only runs for me. 
  • Be the one who actually gets away from the hometown and makes something happen. 
  • thank every single band who's had an impact on me - in person, if they're still alive. 
  • Fuck over the person who's hurt me most. 
  • Spend a summer doing nothing but talking to Tyler every day. 
  • Drain another bottle of Ax spraying each other. 
  • Find someone worth dealing with all the relationship bullshit.   
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