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Hold me even more warmly, like a blanket
Stay by my side like the beginning without change
I’ll be always with you, all I could imagine
I’d do anything if it meant this could be forever.

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It’s like talking about the sun, even if you think “I dont need the sun today” you will need it, he will be there to brighten up your day, to show you even if you’re feeling the worst he will always be there, he still appears after those dark, rainy and when youre not feeling that good. And also the stars are there too, always so bright for the night, not that we don’t need te moon, it’s just that you got so much light than the moon and that’s what im trying to say, you’re brighter than anything, you can put all of the stars and also the sun together, they will not have the same light as you. “You are light” and I must look away when I look at you, when i look at anything about you. I need you to stay there for me when nothing is ok, when I need something to rest on, when I need peace. I found you right there, being as bright as you can be, just when I need it, when I need someone just like you. Someone who i knew i could turn into my safe place, you are my safe place, you are everything that I always wanted, always looked for. You’re part of me now and I need you to stay by my side and I’d do anything if it meant this could be forever. I can love you like forever. I need you by my side just like you always were, just like all of the stars are, everyday. They never go away, they never disappear, they always bright. You are my star. You are that person that is always brighting just by existing and you mean to me just like the sun means to the moon. They complete each other and you complete me. The sun never changes, just like my love for you, I don’t know or care how much time can pass, I'll stay where I am now, i’ll stay here, trying to love you in every way, trying to show you how much you mean to me and how much I care. I love you. Forever.

apr 11 2018 ∞
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