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Hold me even more warmly, like a blanket
Stay by my side like the beginning without change
I’ll be always with you, all I could imagine
I’d do anything if it meant this could be forever.

rebeca ?!?!?!?!?!?!
giuliana (favorite things)
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  • i'm not that into movies but the ones i like the most are romeo + juliet, insidious and the perks of being a wallflower, anyways, if you ask me i'll watch basically anything, i like seeing stuff....
  • i really enjoy playing guitar and taking care of the ones i love, deep conversations are always a good thing and i'm a great listener, someday i'm going to be a lawyer so.. no further questions
  • if i get to know you well im sure i'll like you, im almost a great person even if i don't see me that way and i actually understand those who dont like me, sometimes i dont like me either
  • i like to read and watch stuff about serial killers, i think they're fascinating but of course i'm not going to turn into one, i just really enjoy reading and get to know whats going on in their minds
  • i mean killua is the most amazing person i know and i love him i wish i could give him everything he deserves
  • i'm actually really kind and caring, i mean, i like taking care of the ones i love and want to stay close with
  • i'm really deep and intense, if i feel something i feel it for real.. not superficial things but really deep shit
  • i cant tell how much i miss gustav and jjong. ffs it hurts still but i know they are so better now, they deserve this kind of “peace” i guess and those stuff... everything about them is inspiring and if i like to make music those days, they were some kind of inspiration for me to continue doing what i like end enjoy
  • sad to admit but i feel sad and hurt everytime i remember i cant see peep performing live beacuse id do anything to get the chance to listen to his voice because personally he really could sing and i appreciated this a lot in him, he knew exactly what he was doing and he always did with so much passion you could see it just by looking at him
  • i enjoy making music
  • i love roses... like... so damn much
  • i love sehun thats it
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