• attending my first SXSW & volunteering. something i would do again for sure.
  • seeing echo and the bunnymen live. they were fantastic and it was the sweetest crowd i've ever encountered!
  • attending my first fun fun fun fest where a guy made sure i wasn't hurt to death at a crystal castles show...
  • my first road trip from tx to new mexico, nevada, california, oregon, washington, idaho, utah, colorado.
  • going to seattle for the first time; having the most AMAZING chocolate croissants from there too.
  • near death experience on a snowy volcano (mt. rainier) in washington.
  • having the best sea food in seattle and most of washington.
  • reading haruki murakami & kurt vonnegut for the first time (& i love them)
  • having my picture unexpectedly taken by a random guy in a pizza place in a small town in utah
  • having alot of insights & discoveries about myself
  • finally figuring out what i want in life
  • spending alot of my year living at the library and falling in love with books again just like when i was 18.
dec 17 2009 ∞
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