• go to bed earlier and get more sleep
  • start eating healthier
  • go to the gym
  • lose 10 pounds :c
  • lose more weight
  • continue eating a healthy diet
  • stop wasting so much damn time
  • stretch out on a daily basis so I can do the splits on all other sides and not just my right leg :c
  • work harder on ballet and reach pointe
  • transfer to a university with a focused major in communications/media
  • look for internships and other opportunities
  • stop being a socially awkward rock (ok I lied I will never be able to achieve that)
  • get a stable, well-paying job when I'm out of college and move to San Francisco or Los Angeles or NYC?
  • stop being a bum sitting in front of my laptop and start doing more productive things
  • find more time to read and relax
  • pass the AP World History exam in May '10 with at least a 3!!!! (scored above a 3 aw yeah)
  • pass AP Calculus with at least a C (ha ha who am I kidding. I am lazy.)
jan 4 2010 ∞
dec 18 2012 +