• You hate pearl and/or think she’s abusive, or a toxic character (she's one of my comfort characters & I get kind of anxious when people hate her.)
  • You post a lot of discourse.
  • You believe “reverse oppression” (i.e. ‘misandry’, ‘heterophobia’, ‘cisphobia’, or ‘reverse racism’) is an actual, legitimate problem.
  • You fit don’t follow criteria (racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.)
  • You don’t believe that Pearl is a canon lesbian/you ship pewey or gregpeal.
  • You ship problematic ships in general (i.e: pedophilia, incest, abuse, lesbian erasure, etc.) and you’re not coping.
  • You’re against self shipping (shipping yourself with a fictional character) or self inserts in general.
  • You’re anti kin (fiction kin or other kin) and/or you police people’s identity and what labels they use.
  • You’re anti self diagnosis
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