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currently watching / working on catching up

  • boardwalk empire s01e09
  • community s03e10
  • modern family s03e09
  • gossip girl s04e08
  • the vampire diaries s02e16
  • the good wife s03e09
  • united states of tara s03e10
  • parks and recreation s04e10

season break

  • sherlock s01e03
  • true blood s03e12
  • bored to death s03e08
  • game of thrones s01e10

on hold

  • six feet under s02e012
  • damages s03e04
  • generation kill ep04
  • weeds s05e13
  • skins s04e01
  • glee s02e06
  • the big bang theory s04e11
  • supernatural s06e09
  • dexter s05e03
  • the walking dead s01ep03
  • misfits s02e07
  • pretty little liars s01e10

i need to start!

  • the wire
  • oz
  • bleak house
  • man men
  • twin peaks


  • pride and prejudice (mini-series)
  • veronica mars
  • summer heights high
  • arrested development
  • wonderfalls
jul 16 2010 ∞
jan 20 2012 +
user picture shabz: (Y) generation kill & sherlock! aug 12 2010
user picture vi: lol you and your episode numbers sep 23 2010
user picture shabz: i didn't know you watched the good wife! (Y) hahhh how's gk so far? oct 16 2010
user picture kim: YES. i marathoned when i didn't rly have anything to do. i am not liking chris noth's character though :(. generation kill is rly fun! (lmao all the curse words) ...but i think i'm always going WTF at trombley (oh and encino man AND capt america) .__. oct 17 2010
user picture shabz: ehh he's sleazy. i love kalinda and alicia though. and cary. by the end of gk you're wtfing the us in general but i seriously loved the characters. rayray especially what a crazy mofo.
user picture kim: i think it's an unforgivable sleazy :( i like how kalinda is so ~tough~ esp when cary is so sketchy to her haha. i like eli! except for what he did in the finale... DEAR GOD i'm not even finished and i'm WTF about the us already. oct 18 2010