If you've read all of this, dm me any yellow emoji. if you aren't comfortable with that you can just put the ☀️ emoji in your bio!

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  • My name's Raina, but please call me Annie or Julia if we aren't close (I personally prefer being called that anyway)
  • I am taken by my wonderful boyfriend (@irldonnynovitski) and i love him very much!!
  • My main shift will most likely be my profile picture
  • I am a minor ! I would prefer not to specify my age directly, but yes I'm legally allowed on Instagram. So please don't follow if you're over the age of 21
  • I'm a cis female who uses she/her pronouns
  • I love my qpps Kevin, Evan, and Moritz!!! all star kids whom I would die for
  • I say bitch a lot
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As already stated, I'm dating @irldonnynovitski, and I love him very very much! So please don't follow if you identify as any of these characters


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This are some things that I am extremely triggered by, and i would prefer to have them tagged in advanced

  • Corpse party
  • Child abuse (ESPECIALLY if it involves moms)
  • Hard drugs
  • Eye trauma
  • Sexual assault
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  • Community (tv series)
  • RebelTaxi/the Pizza Party Podcast
  • Theatre !
  • Heathers (movie and musical)
  • Bonnie & Clyde (1967 movie and musical)
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • Thrilling Adventure Hour
  • Depression era outlaws
  • Photography
  • The Vinyl Cafe
  • The Archie Comics
  • Captain Underpants!!
  • Swing music

I have plenty more, but those are just my biggest ones

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  • You are kin with any of my main ids (as already stated)
  • You won't respect/see me as any of my ids
  • You ship incest/pedophilia/abusive ships for any reason other than coping purposes
  • If you know me irl (unless I followed first)
  • If you're only following to send screenshots of my account to others (or just to flat out hate follow)
  • If you're friends with @hoodiebrian/@wendibros
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