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I am into travel, musicals | concerts | bands, cocktails, and pampering. I am currently re-designing my room and moving jobs. I wish I can go to New York on my birthday, but just to take a long vacation this year would be great. I've got so many plans and dreams and I will do them one by one, one step at a time.

  • watch TV / talk shows
  • watch reruns of shows
  • get a manicure and pedicure / foot spa
  • shop for furniture
  • wake up late
  • read magazines and books
  • clean my room
  • surf about random things
  • watch videos and torrents
  • have merienda
  • relax and rest on the bed
  • talk on the phone
  • text jokes and quotes
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  • hair dryer / blower
  • electric fan
  • book case / library
  • head board for my bed
  • new curtains
  • accessory rack
  • dresser
  • TV and stereo table (maybe an IPOD dock as well?)
  • telephone table
  • laundry basket
  • bag rack
  • bean bag
  • hooks for bags and accessories
  • shelves for wall
  • smaller computer table
  • smaller table
  • photo frames
  • rotating CD / DVD rack
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  • i love comforters and fat pillows
  • i love cold weather. cold weather = snuggling under the comforter. i heart
  • i love the colors pink, brown, a certain shade of green, and a certain shade of blue
  • i like to eat chocolates on a road trip. the chocolates i usually eat are m&ms (crispy, peanut) and malteasers. and then there's some oreo. yumm!
  • my favorite fruits are mangoes and strawberries (in that order)
  • i love my stuff toys: cami (dog), donnie (baby donald duck), and cola (pink dolphin)
  • i fancy the apple-orange pure nectar combination from fruit magic
  • miko and i love figaro's vanilla pudding
  • i love spinning! indoor cycling for the win
  • i would love to have a room makeover righ...
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  • Do your best and look only to your work.
  • Don't work for happiness. Work for excellence. The happiness will follow from a job excellently done.
  • Create value, not problems.
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  • Juggling Elephants: An Easier Way to Get Your Most Important Things Done (Jones Loflin, Todd Musig)
  • The Six Value Medals (Edward de Bono)
  • The Six Thinking Hats (Edward de Bono)
  • Etty Hillesum: An Interrupted Life the Diaries, 1941-1943 and Letters from Westerbork (Etty Hillesum)
  • The Truth About Forever (Sarah Dessen)
  • Just Listen (Sarah Dessen)
  • Collection of One-Night Stands (Chelsea Handler)
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