Arthit is the Queen of Spades. He does not want this. The people of Spades do not want this either. Or, they wouldn't if they knew he is a witch. Meanwhile, Kongpob is the King of Spades; he wants Arthit. Others want him dead.

The feelings beginning to bloom between the two just seem to unnecessarily complicate matters. Can the Royals make do with the bad hand they've been dealt? Or, despite their poor luck, will they end up holding all the cards?

  • when nebulae collapse / wp, ao3

Arthit falls in the hallway. Kongpob falls in love.

  • but are we engineer? / wp

Bright created the gayng

Bright: school's out for everyone forever bitche...

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  • this side of paradise / wp, ao3

"There's too much at stake for me and for you, Kongpob," he replies.

The air goes still with his answer. He doesn't want to look at Kongpob, doesn't want to see the hesitance grow and avidity die on the younger's face. But, at the same time, he knows the idol needed to be reigned in for a second. He licks his lips as he finally looks at the other man. In a small hope that it will quell his fears before Arthit's next words, the elder places a hand on Kongpob's shoulder. "But I think I'd be willing to risk it."

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isa / may 13 / usa / eng-spn

↝ since sotus is over, i aim to keep the fandom alive through fic uwu also i love women

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!! due to schedule and mental health issues, updates have been extremely slow lately (02.22.19) !!

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  • a guy like you (03.01.19) / ooc & dasadanan inspired

Arthit sneers at the Second Year. "What will you do if I don't help you, huh?"

Kongpob is a devil, that Arthit is sure of, mostly from the way he just gets this smug look on his face that Arthit wants nothing more than to smack off. "Then I'll just make you my lover. They say... a lover should help the one they love. If you love me, then you will help me with student council work."

"You're really brave, Kongpob, really." Arthit's glare turns lethal. "But I could never love someone like you."

Or; Arthit hates Kongpob. Kongpob loves Arthit. Why can't things ever be simple?

  • and they were roommates! (n/a) / roommates au

Straight guy worries he's being homophobic to gay roommate, realizes he's fallen in love with him.

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♡ marks faves

  • 2moons (2017)
  • hwarang (2016)
  • ♡ sotus (2016)
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  • together with me (2017)
  • reply 1997 (2012)
  • ♡ the lover (2015)
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  • love by chance (2018)
  • make it right (2016)
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  • our skyy (2018)
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  • advance bravely (2017)
  • friend zone (2018)
  • ♡ history3: trapped (2019)
  • he's coming to me (2019)
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The line between fiction and reality is thin, but Krist thought he could navigate it well, keep himself and his character's feelings separate. And he does: he manages to keep personal matters (romance, friendship, family) personal but act a certain way, act in love with a man when necessary... until he can't. Until he finds himself in Singto's room again and again. Until he finds his lips on the elder's. Until he finds that he-Krist, not Arthit-has fallen in love, and he can't seem to get back up.

Somewhere along the way, boundaries between him and Singto had been erased.

Boundaries Krist isn't sure were meant to be erased.


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Arthit has a little secret and it's causing issues with his and Kongpob's newfound relationship.

On the opposite block, a rumpled, sleep-soft Arthit is hanging up his laundry to dry.

Or, Kongpob falls in love, one laundry cycle at a time.

Arthit is at work when he gets a call he never wanted to get, a call telling him that Kongpob was in an accident and he needed to get to the hospital straight away.

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