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  • adulthood ♥ : baekhyun has to carry the weight of a social stigma on her shoulders that seems to cost her a lot in her social life.
  • (a place where) longing feelings touch ♥ : maybe it's not fate that brings them together.
  • blood in my legs for a flight: kai just wants to be a real boy
  • body work ♥ : "so if someone told you to quit, it'd be easy for you to find something else?"
  • broken shards of what used to be: "take care of your heart," they say, and even as baekhyun's heart is breaking, he still waits for jongin to come back to him.
  • built to last
  • catch me: kai is the most wanted criminal in the world. changmin is the nis agent dedicated to stopping him, but as a teleporter, kai isn’t easy to catch. he can’t be caught, and won’t be because underneath the guise of bank robber and jewel thief,...
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  • when insanity hits: jimin didn’t expect a lot of things, one of them being an apocalypse, and another being what would happen during it.


  • can't pin me down: jeon jungkook is asia's biggest pop star and it is park jimin's job to make sure that it stays that way.
  • take a bite of my heart tonight: when their leader namjoon gave him the responsibility of looking after the newest addition of their coven, jimin had been nervous because he knew it was no easy task. still, he never imagined things would end up as they did.
  • (you're my genie, lamborghini you're my ...: you know those people who say technology is driving people apart? yeah, fuck them.


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  • a former "most love only lasts for a whi...: in which chanyeol smiles too much, baekhyun is a little bit of a cynic but they fall together anyway.
  • and then, your heart drops: post-apocalyptic au. chanyeol learns, slowly, how to let go of what once was and to fill the spaces with the future.
  • another winter: hs!au. park chanyeol is not gay, no. he just really likes kissing his best friend.
  • atlas hands: chanyeol loses a piece of himself in western australia, but in central europe he finds it back.
  • between the lines: band!canon. chanyeol likes girls; baekhyun likes girls. it's up to the two of them to read between the lines.
  • breathe and fall (into place): the only problem is luhan forgot to take chanyeol away from baekhyun’s memories.
  • but still, can't we?: the slytherin sex god and gryffindor prefect had always rubbed each other the wrong way.
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  • 你值得真正的快樂: six months before the 2010 winter olympics, lu han is sent to vancouver on a forced vacation and learns that he’s not quite as put together as he’d like everyone to think.
  • a few steps shy of heracles ♥ : exo k participates in the idol sports competition. zeus would not be pleased.
  • (and it’s) more than a feeling: (soulmates!au) everyone is born with a tiny illegible scribble on their right wrists. once people get older the writing becomes clearer and displays the name of their soulmate.
  • castles of sand ♥♥♥ : jongin builds love up in other people like a child making castles of sand, and each time, he stays too close to the shore, jumping away when the tide comes, and watching as each turret and wall crumbles under the force of the waves.
  • curtain call: in which junmyeon is in charge of the school's drama club and it's shakespeare w...
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