• i'm trisha (you can call me trish)
  • she/her
  • 10/06/98 (gemini)
  • filipina living in indonesia (atm)
  • entp (introverted extrovert really)
  • chaotic neutral (sometimes neutral evil Sorry)
  • slytherin (pukwudgie)
  • ... what else do i say here
aug 9 2016 ∞
aug 9 2016 +

things i enjoy

  • DC (duh), DCEU/DCAU
  • more specifically - teen titans, justice league, lantern corps
  • morning glories & wicdiv from image
  • xmcu/xmen/runaways/young avengers
  • homestuck (in the good old days... won't talk much about it though)
  • various tv shows + movies... i cbf to list
  • harry potter

things i do not enjoy

  • most of marvel (especially marvel now!)
  • mcu
  • racism, sexism, terrorism, homophobia, transphobia, abuse, pedophillia... being an indecent person really
  • harry potter and the cursed child
  • and a bunch more i cbf to list
aug 9 2016 ∞
aug 15 2016 +

general things

  • i'm very talkative and passionate
  • i'm always heated about something
  • i will defend and drag dc if necessary
  • majority of my tweets are about dc, others are babble and social/personal issues

about mutuals

  • if we're mutuals there's a high chance i'll start a conversation and even start building a home in your DMs
  • even if we're not mutuals i'll still start a conversation if i want
  • if we're mutuals feel free to ask for other social media accounts
  • i softblock - mostly because i no longer find any interest in your tweets or we don't talk much
  • if we're mutuals but you no longer want to be, then please softblock
aug 9 2016 ∞
aug 16 2016 +