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the bird fights its way out of the egg. the egg is the world. who would be born must first destroy a world.

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  • ''This town will never change // People come and go, it's all the same // Speed the roads on our doubting days // To any place that's far away // I never learned anybody's name // We all vowed that we wouldn't stay // Kissing signs on the interstate // All we do for now is sit and wait.'' (idle town)
  • ''Familiar sounds // The lake holds all our secrets // Nostalgia bound // Yeah, I'll take my time evolving // Dreaming of phone calls // You knew all along // The way we joked till we laughed our tails off // See it all unfold // An emerald life before me.'' (grow)
  • ''And I hope, I hope // All of our homes have white fences // And I hope, I hope // Our smiles are wider than theirs is // And I hope, I hope // All of our dreams are kept fragrant // And I'll meet you on the pavement // When we make it to the other side.'' (the other side)
  • ''Oh no, don't look in their eyes // 'Cause that's how they get you // Kiss you then forget you (crush) // All they feed in you is beautiful lies // So hide in the bathroom // 'Til they find someone else new (culture).'' (crush culture)
  • '' 'Cause we are the helpless, selfish, one of a kind // Millennium kids, that all wanna die // Walking in the street with no light inside our eyes // We are the worthless, cursed with too much time // We get into trouble and lose our minds // Something that I've heard a million times in my life.'' (generation why)
  • ''And I'll admit that I sometimes, maybe, might // Think about you at night, well, almost every night // No matter how I try to hide // And erase you from my mind // I'm dying // To find a lookalike.'' (lookalike)
  • ''Well, lovesick boys will write you love songs // And lovesick girls will always listen // But what you fail to see is there's plenty of us // So keep your petals pointing towards the sun.'' (lovesick boys)
  • '''Cause I know a place we could go // No one has been there, and no one will know // There it is quiet, forget the violence // You've tried so hard to ignore.'' (i know a place)
  • ''I see your face in the moving lights // The leaves are falling as time slips by // And I wish in this moment // That I could've died right // There.'' (treehouse)
  • ''Your eyes grabbed my limbs and pulled me under with you // Felt the water wash away all our sins // Ain't it funny how the salt will clean our skin // And it forgets the baddest things from yesterday, no yesterday.'' (antics)
  • ''Just for you to say // I like the honey, not the honeybee.'' (honeybee)
  • ''Yeah there's something in you eyes these days, I know // Please tell me what you wish for, then I'll go // I'm sorry for intruding, but I just can't watch you fall // Anymore, anymore, anymore.'' (see right through)
  • ''The brightest darkness I've ever met // It's a mind oasis, a place that's saving, it's become home in my head // It's the morning once again // I wish to thank you, my oldest friend.'' (singing a journal entry)
  • ''Why I look back on the memories // And all I see is hazy gray // Swear I loved the pretty sunsets // And the stars above the bay.'' (sometime)
  • ''All the kids in your clique are pretend // I don't mind when you play with my head // I flip around, play with yours instead // I don't like what you said to my friends // One day you're gonna regret // Ever messin' with them.'' (greek god)
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