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i have no idea what i'm doing honestly i'll never mock my mom for struggling with technology anymore

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roberta, 96z (24 yo), scorpio sun aquarius rising, she/her, vhopemin biased

oct 5 2020 ∞
mar 4 2021 +
  • dark matter: vmin, angst, unhappy ending
  • holiday lessons: vmin, enemies to lovers, single parents, fluff
  • it's nice to have a friend: vmin, friends to lovers, mutual pining, fluff
  • sharing others' fragile truth: vmin, canon divergence
  • rebordosa (on going): vmin, strangers to "enemies" to lovers, bodyguard jm, idol tae
  • moonlight sonata (work in progress): vmin, strangers to lovers, angst
  • glass doors (work in progress): vmin, strangers to lovers, devil wears prada AU
  • primavera (work in progress): vmin, dystopia, strangers to lovers, political issues
  • mystical time (cutting me open then healing me fine) / (work in progress): vmin, time travel, friends to lovers to strangers to friends to lovers...?
  • i dream of jimin (work in progress): vmin, strangers to lovers, genie! jimin, i dr...
oct 5 2020 ∞
jun 9 2021 +