• nazis
    • there are nazis on this site ... i am fucking Died.
  • pedophiles
    • maps/nomaps | pedophilia shippers | loli/shotacons
  • toxic tucutes / transmeds
    • includes getting into discourse often
  • ONLY neopronoun users ( it/its included )
    • umm no i don't hate u for using neopronouns! i just can't use ur pronouns or comprehend sentences using them. for both of our sakes please don't watch me :)
  • u identify as something but use the opposite pronouns and you can't be patient with me
    • hi i have a language processing disorder which makes it extremely hard for me to call a woman he/him or a man she/her ... u need to be patient with me. that's all i ask ^__^
  • fetish accounts
  • endogenic systems
    • includes non-trauma and kin systems
  • u want me to call u by kin names
    • i have fictive alters, im not gonna do that, sorry
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aug 18 2019 +