if you follow, please note these things:

      • please tag eye horror
        • any thing from eyes popping out of head in cartoons or touching eyes to generally things that could make you cringe it's bad for me too
      • i've been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and i often get put in really depressed episodes, so my tweets might reflect what i'm feeling at the moment
      • my twitter mainly consist of svt, overwatch, and wjsn. if you decide to still push the request, be prepared to just see a bunch of retweets of them
      • 90% of my tweets are just seokmin
      • i don't necessarily accept all follower requests
        • if i don't want to follow back i'll delete the request i'm sorry it's probably because i'm not accepting follow requests at the time
      • if i softblock our mutual please don't ask why it's normally because i don't think the mutual will work out anymore
      • if you think people can't talk about problematic faves because "they're not korean and don't understand korean culture" then don't even bother following
      • also if you don't like any of the bands i like, i don't see why you'll follow
dec 12 2015 ∞
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