• "when I was a child I truly loved unthinking love as calm and deep as the north sea. but I have lived and now I do not sleep"
  • "do you know why no one at this school messes with me? because I'd kill anybody. i'd kill my own mom if she did something to me"
  • "once a girl like that runs out of dreams to chase, she'll just run"
  • "i want your mouth on my mouth" - Me "that's called kissing, honey" - Jered
  • "you have exceptional ears. you can't say that about a lot of people. but yours are quite perfect."
  • "To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best, night and day, to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting." - e.e cummings
  • "if you were a mermaid, i was the sea"
  • "you are the sea to my land"
  • "either the wallpaper goes, or i do." the last words of oscar wilde
  • "why don't you get a haircut? you look like a chrysanthemum." - p.g. wodehouse
  • "if i had been the virgin mary, i would have said 'no.'" - margaret "stevie" smith
  • "a child is a curly, dimpled lunatic." - ralph waldo emerson
  • "thank god kids never mean well." - lily tomlin
  • "i've tried several varities of sex. the conventional position makes me claustrophobic and the others give me a stiff neck or lockjaw." - tallulah bankhead
  • "what men desire is a virgin who is a whore." - edward dahlberg
  • "marriage is a great institution, but i'm not ready for an institution." - mae west
  • "it was so cold i almost got married." - shelley winters
  • "all right, then, i'll say it: dante makes me sick." - last words of spanish playwright lope de vega on being assured the end was very near
  • "i don't feel good." - last words of pancho villa
  • "no." - president jimmy carter's daughter amy when asked by a reporter if she had any message for the children of america
  • "all right, i will learn to read, but when i have learned, i never, never shall." - novelist david garnett at age four, to his mother
  • "i don't care what's written about me so long as it isn't true." - dorothy parker
  • "i like a woman with a head on her shoulders. i hate necks." - steve martin
  • "if you haven't got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me." - alice roosevelt longworth
  • "i never know how much of what i say is true." - bette midler
  • "i was probably the only revolutionary ever referred to as 'cute'." - abbie hoffman
  • "there is something going on now is mexico that i happen to think is cruelty to animals. what i'm talking about, of course, is cat juggling." - steve martin
  • "can't you see in my handwriting the curve of my g? the longing" - mypandabear.livejournal.com
  • "Lord Ronald said nothing; he flung himself from the room, flung himself upon his horse and rode madly off in all directions." - Stephen Leacock
  • "I have found little that is good about human beings. In my experience most of them are trash." - Sigmund Freud
  • "Finishing a book is just like you took a child out in the back yard and shot it." - Truman Capote
  • "I don't know anything about music. In my line you don't have to." - Elvis Presley
  • "Americans are a race of convicts and ought to be thankful for anything we allow them short of hanging." - Samuel Johnson
  • "Politics is applesauce." - Will Rogers
  • "Ninety percent of everything is crap." - Theodore Sturgeon
  • "Thank you, but I have other plans." - Response to "Have a nice day" suggested by Paul Fussell
  • "I think it would be a good idea." - Mahatma Gandhi when asked what he thought of Western civilization
  • "Woe to you, my Princess, when I come... you shall see who is the stronger, a gentle girl who doesn't eat enough or a big wild man who has cocaine in his body." - Mr Freud
  • Lani - "I'm not good with boobs."

Me - "You're a lesbian."

  • "leave me to my life and i'll leave you to yours."
  • When I cannot look at your face

I look at your feet. Your feet of arched bone, your hard little feet. I know that they support you, and that your sweet weight rises upon them. Your waist and your breasts, the doubled purple of your nipples, the sockets of your eyes that have just flown away, your wide fruit mouth, your red tresses, my little tower. But I love your feet only because they walked upon the earth and upon the wind and upon the waters, until they found me. - Pablo Neruda, Your Feet

  • Jacob - "I need to get laid"

Me - "Go to the hookers" Jacob - "The Who?"

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