• Find Me (Produced by Tiger JK)
  • Young (Produced by Dok2)
  • at the moment the only content besides the two singles are covers from team and solo battles
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  • Full name || Jo Jinho (조진호)
  • Birthday || 17 April 1992
  • Position || Main Vocal, Eldest smol
  • sns || instagram (jinho is the only member with sns at the moment!)
  • teaser
    • was previously an sm trainee and featured on sm the ballad vol.1 under the name ‘jino’
    • has been a trainee for 8 years and almost gave up his dream and worked as a vocal trainer for some time
    • can speak english and chinese (and introduced himself as ptg's 大哥)
    • here's jinho's individual vapp where he sings requests from the chat!
    • jinho’s vocals are amazing but as someone who’s been trained for 8 years his dancing is also very good
    • jinho can also rap really well (despite rapline's strict standard)
    • ”Your real height doesn’t even reach...
    • is the smallest but is a good hyung esp t...
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  • Full name || Kim Hyojong (김효종)
  • Birthday || 1 June, 1994
  • Position || Rap, Dance, Composer, Scream
  • Teaser
    • subbed for ilhoon during hyuna’s roll deep promotions
    • was a backup dancer for gna’s secret mv+stages
    • memes unironically
    • does things his own way
    • is really cheeky and makes snarky comments a lot
    • if i could compile all the weird things he says and does it would probably be an hour long video but he does a lot in hongseok's second vapp
    • is a composer! he's performed two of his self composed songs so far and also has assissted in arrangements
    • this is the headlock shot
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  • Full name || Yan An (闫桉, pronounced 'Yen An')
  • Birthday || 25 october, 1996
  • Position || Vocal, Chinese Member, Cotton Candy Master
  • Teaser
    • yan an is from shanghai china and has been a trainee for the shortest period of time out of all of pentagon
    • yan an is fluent in chinese and proficient in english but is currently still learning korean
    • his chinese can be heard during the chinese interview as well as in response to fans speaking to him in chinese
    • before he was scouted by cube he was going to become an air steward
    • is considered a visual too! yan an is very handsome and he knows it
    • his first individual video covers it pretty well
    • hui says he was shocked by how how good l...
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  • pentagon is a 10 member boyband formed by cube entertainment consisting of jinho, hui, hongseok, e’dawn, shinwon, yeo one, yan an, yuto, kino, and wooseok
  • pentagon is cube’s largest group to date and also includes international members
  • first introduced through mnet’s program “pentagon maker” in which the 10 boys complete challenges in order to become official members
  • they are all very talented and charismatic but also kind of dumb and loud
  • after two delayed debuts CUBE finally announced their official debut date: October 10th with their first single Gorilla!
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  • Full name || Lee Hwitaek (이휘택)
  • Birthday || 28 August, 1993
  • Position || Leader, Main Vocal, Composer, Cool Dad
  • Teaser
    • won best male vocal for jyp 7th auditions and entered cube in 2013
    • was a backup dancer for gna’s secret mv+stages
    • is a composer and arranger and has played some part in all of his performances on pm
    • really likes physical contact and making weird noises
    • is under incredible stress as a leader and does his best!
    • really loves pentagon
    • check out his cartwheel ft. the other members being genuinely surprised
    • check out his cartwheel part 2
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  • Full name || Adachi Yuto
  • Birthday || 23 January, 1998
  • Position: Rap, Japanese Member
  • Teaser
    • Yuto is from Japan and has been living in Korea for some time studying Korean as his second language
    • he doesn't speak it as much during pm but most of his first individual video is in japanese
    • his korean is so good that sometimes wooseok forgets that he’s japanese
    • was originally labeled to be expressionl... but he reacts just as much as everyone else and his smile is very cute!
    • yuto is very sensitive and easily scared
    • puts up with a lot of wooseok’s bs but they are good bros
    • only owns black clothes except for 1 pink sweater that e’dawn gives to him as a gift
    • his locker is really really clean
    • is tall and cool but in reality he gets s...
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  • Full name || Yang Hongseok (양홍석)
  • Birthday || 17 April 1994
  • Position || Vocal, Team Mom
  • Teaser
    • formerly a yg trainee, entered cube in 2015
    • modeled with Hyuna in CLRLDE.n
    • competed in Mix and Match but did not make the final lineup
    • proficient in english and chinese
    • here are hongseok's individual vapps (including a tour of cube ent, a stream of him getting his makeup done, and a Q&A with hui and wooseok)
    • is a good team mom but also an embarrassing team mom(there are so many more occurrences but he makes puns all the time)
    • hongseok is v sweet he won best member three weeks in a row but decided that during his individual vapps he wanted to give other members a chance to say hi to fans too so he invited them over/went to them
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  • Full name || Yeo Changgu (여창구)
  • Birthday || 27 march, 1996
  • Position || Vocal, Passionate Man
  • Teaser
    • modeled with HyunA for CLRIDE.N
    • was a backup dancer for gna’s secret mv+stages
    • in a webdrama called ‘Spark’
    • when he was first scouted apparently yeo one thought he was being scammed so he introduced himself as ‘jjanggu’ (crayon shin chan) and as an inside joke he first introduces himself that way to everyone
    • is close to his fellow 96 liner Yan An and treats him well and loves him very much!
    • wow!
    • can be slow but also knows how to react when he gets around to it
    • here he is screaming in response to food...
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  • Full name || Kang Hyunggu (강형구)
  • Birthday || 27 January, 1998
  • Position || Vocal, Dance, Ray of sunshine
  • Teaser
    • was a backup dancer for gna’s secret mv+stages
    • did other backup dancer work for other artists too
    • 1/3 of maknae line but doesn’t really act like it
    • yuto has mentioned that besides himself kino is probably the best at japanese and takes time to teach other members as well
    • Has No Shame
    • kino choreographs many pentagon dances and doesn’t hesitate to help other members who might need it
    • is also a composer kino can literally do ...
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